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Schools now required to display “In God We Trust”

Governor Matt Bevin signed the "In God We Trust" bill Tuesday.

Governor Bevin signs abortion bill already facing a lawsuit

Kentucky's Republican governor has signed a measure putting new restrictions on abortion, and his lawyers filed a response to a lawsuit already aimed at blocking it.

Kentucky lawmakers vote to limit secretary of state’s power

Lawmakers voted to remove the secretary of state as a voting member of the state Board of Elections and limit the office's access to a database of registered voters.

Midwife bill advances through House

Kentucky stopped issuing permits to home-birth midwives back in 1975. Now a bill that would create a new regulatory path for these practitioners is a step closer to becoming law.

Kentucky House advances proposal to ban tobacco at schools

The Kentucky House of Representatives has approved a bill that would force some school districts to address tobacco use on campus.

Foster Child bill receives Senate approval

The foster child “bill of rights” moved a step closer to becoming law today after being amended and passed by the Kentucky Senate.

Kentucky House OKs school safety bill after deadly shooting

The Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a school safety bill more than one year after two students were killed in a shooting at a western Kentucky high school.

Kentucky Senate passes felony expungement bill

The Kentucky Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill to expand the number of low-level felons who can apply to have their records expunged.

Working student loan debtors bill advances

The Keep Americans Working Act of 2019 advanced out of a Senate committee Tuesday.

House OKs bill to ban abortions based on gender, disability

The Kentucky House has passed a bill that would block women from obtaining abortions based on the gender, race or disability of the fetus.

House receives bill that would expand use of KEES money

Kentucky students could use their KEES merit scholarships for qualified workforce training programs under a bill that today cleared the House Education Committee.

Bill seeks to send big legal cases to statewide judges

For years, some Kentucky lawmakers have complained that circuit judges in Frankfort wield too much power in deciding big legal cases. On Monday, Republican lawmakers started advancing a bill aimed at spreading those cases to other judges across the state.

Bill to restrict tobacco use to 21 fails in Kentucky

Lawmakers in one of the largest tobacco-producing states in the country have rejected a proposal that would have raised the smoking age to 21.

Kentucky approves mandatory electronic filing for candidates

The Kentucky legislature has passed a bill that would require candidates for public office to file their campaign finance reports electronically.

Senate advances midwifery regulatory bill

Legislation that would recognize, certify and regulate home-birth midwives in Kentucky passed the state Senate today by a 32-4 vote.
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Kentucky lawmakers advance ‘abortion reversal’ proposal

The proposal was added to a bill dealing with requirements for doctors or clinics to report abortions induced by medication.
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GOP lawmaker, once unemployed, seeks to reduce benefits

The bill would let people receive unemployment benefits for a maximum of 20 weeks instead of 26 weeks.

Bill protecting kids’ interests in court advances

A Senate panel moved legislation today that would reform Kentucky’s system of guardians ad litem, lawyers appointed by the court to represent the best interests of children involved in the judicial process.

House bill aimed at fine tuning 2018 tax reforms clears committee

The House Appropriations and Revenue Committee approved legislation today that seeks to build on tax reform legislation enacted by the legislature in 2018 as well as to clarify various interpretations that impact how the state sales tax is levied.

Trump will sign border deal; but will declare emergency

Congress lopsidedly approved a border security compromise that would avert a second painful government shutdown.

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