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Under The Hood- Visibility

Visibility is critical to safely operating your vehicle, and James from S&S Tire has tips for keeping your windshields crystal clear!

Under The Hood- Buying Tires

There is a lot to remember when buying tires. James O'Daniel is here with some pointers.

Under The Hood- Batteries

James O'Daniel talks about keeping batteries working to keep you on the road!

Under The Hood- Premature Aging

Did you know that not treating issues in your car can significantly reduce it's lifespan, even early on in your car's life?

Under the Hood- Tire Rotation.

Tire rotation may seem like it's no big deal, but the truth is, its a crucial part of your tire''s life.

Under The Hood- Tune up

Lots of little things can add up to big problems. Getting a tune up helps make sure small things don't get in the way...

Under the Hood- Snow Tires

Winter is coming, and you should be prepared for what we expect here in Kentucky.

Under the Hood- Visibility

Keeping your visibility in the car is a little thing that makes a big difference!

Under the Hood- Communication is Key.

Jason Shade, General Manager of the S&S Tire at the Beaumont Center, with some advice for how to recognize symptoms in your car.

Under the Hood- Tires

James at S&S Tire in Brannon Crossing wants to tell you about fantastic deals that keep your car roadworthy.

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