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Coronavirus cases spike but too early for concern, state says

Several reasons possible for spike

Cases still show decline; ‘Survivor’ celebrates after 70 days (WATCH)

Numbers down, masks and testing pushed, former bailiff is an inspiration (watch)

Beshear responds to ‘evil’ and ‘vile’ acts, condemns hate

Beshear responds to effigy incident

Despite decline, Woodford, other counties examples of reasons to be careful: Governor

The state's coronavirus cases indicate the disease is on the decline, but the Memorial Day weekend and cases cropping up in counties for the first time in days indicate what can happen

State nears 3,000 mark in recovered from coronavirus

The state reported 166 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, including a handful of children under the age of 10. One of those is a 3-year-old in Anderson County.

10-year-old in ICU with COVID-19 syndrome

A coronavirus syndrome that has started showing up in young people across the country has put a 10-year-old Kentucky boy in intensive care.

Another 22 COVID-19 cases at Fed Med Center

Another 22 coronavirus cases have been confirmed among inmates at the Federal Medical Center, which continues to become a hotspot for the illness.

208 new cases, including 3-year-old, 11 deaths; 7,500 jobless claims cleared

Kentucky confirmed 208 new coronavirus cases Thursday and of those 36 were in people under 50 and 32 were under 40.

Travel ban change, another death in Jackson County, new cases ‘stable’

The state's new COVID-19 cases returned to a "more normal" level Wednesday and eight new deaths were reported

Constable called 911 before FBI shootout; cases may be severed

Court records show defense strategies are taking shape for two Pulaski County constables accused of violating citizens’ civil rights.

Gov. Beshear says no Saturday briefing; Friday total cases near 5,000

Gov. Beshear says there won't be a Saturday coronavirus update, breaking weeks of daily updates.

134 new cases, eight deaths; state starts discussing ‘new normal’ toward reopening; school decision...

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) - The number of new coronavirus cases in Kentucky were not as high as feared Friday and the number of people...

88 news cases, seven deaths; Beshear dismisses ‘open now’ protests

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) - With a noisy crowd (listen to the attached video) chanting and protesting outside his briefing room, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear...

204 new cases, 8 deaths; $600 jobless benefit to begin; One per family shopping...

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) - The state has received access to the $600 increase in unemployment benefits and payments will start Thursday evening, Gov. Andy...

Women make up almost two thirds of coronavirus cases in Fayette

Almost two-thirds of the confirmed coronavirus cases in Fayette County have been women and most of the cases have been spread evenly across the 18-74 age groups

State hits one month mark with 54 new cases, 14 deaths

Kentucky hits the one month mark of its first confirmed coronavirus case Monday with 54 new cases, which brings the state total to 1,008, crossing another milestone.

State up 54 cases, three new deaths, parks being closed, Tennessee criticized

54 news cases, 302 statewide, three new deaths, now eight; parks being closed, governor gives new numbers, continues push on crunch time.

Harrison Co. has two coronavirus cases; local residents react

Governor, Andy Beshear shared new information that the first Harrison County patient worked at the Cynthiana Walmart.

Kentucky testing handful of patients for coronavirus

Kentucky is testing a handful of patients for the coronavirus, but there are no confirmed cases in the state.

Number of measles cases in US in 2019 surpasses previous record in 1994

he number of measles cases reported in the first five months of 2019 has now surpassed every year since 1994.

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