Under the Hood: Tread Depth 1-20-21


Today we’re going to talk about tires and tread depth. When it comes to tires, bald isn’t always beautiful. A bald tire such as this one means that you’re going to lose traction on the road, especially when it rains. Tire treads are designed to disperse water and dirt and grime from the road, allowing your vehicle to have solid traction. When the tread is low, it won’t be able to do that and that’s when you start slipping and sliding. If it’s been six or more years since you’ve changed your tires, you may need to get them inspected. Dry rotten cracking will cause a loss of traction very similar to a bald tire. Dry rot is caused by the rubber losing its moisture and while you will lose traction, will also allow the tire to start to break down from the inside out. If you are uncertain about the status of your tire, there’s an easy way to check at home using the simple penny test. If you insert into the tread and his head disappears, you’re still good. But if his head is exposed, it’s time to bring it in.

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