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Sunday, May 9, 2021



Viewers Choice Awards: Sayre Christian Village

Karen Venis and Lyssa High talk about Sayre Christian Village and Friendship Towers getting nominated for the Viewer Choice Awards!

Russell Capital Management

Russell Capital Management

Synergy Home Air Conditioning

Jamie Clark is our host for today's Ask The Expert!

Synergy Homes Air Advice

Jamie Clark tells us how Air Advice can help us with a cleaner air environment.

Boosting Financial Literacy

Hill Harper talks about boosting your financial literacy and your credit score with Experian Boost.

2021 Barbasol Championship

Bryan Pettigrew talks to us about volunteer recruitment, what comes with the Volunteer Packages, and what charities will benefit this year.

Daniel Thompson Law

Brett Edwards sits down with Daniel L. Thompson of Daniel Thompson Law to discuss Family Law.

Back Construction

Brett Edwards is joined by Mr. Rob Hundley of back construction, who just celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Cody Adams chats with Dr.Kudrimoti from Markey Cancer Center about Colorectal cancer

Power Swabs

Lyssa High talks with Lifestyle Expert, Stephanie Jacoli, about Power Swabs.

Ask The Expert: Synergy Home

Jamie Clark is our host for today's ask the expert!

Ask The Expert: Madison Kenwood Therapy

Lyssa High talks to Lisa Seal and Becky Tuttle about Madison and Kenwood Health and Rehabilitation Centers in Richmond, KY.

Ask the Expert: Hourglass Spring Open House

Lyssa High visits Beth Hourigan from Hourglass Aesthetics Salon to discuss their Spring Open House.

Bluegrass Care Navigators

Kristi Yahn tells us about Bluegrass Care Navigators Transitions Care Dementia Program.