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Out of school but these seniors still getting treats

Teachers and staff at Powell County High School are trying to make senior year still a little special for the school's graduating seniors.

Fayette County teachers organize water donation for Martin County

Fayette County teachers sent cases of water to Martin county.

KET expanding, targeting education programming

KET will offer more educational proigramming for different age groups starting March 30

Bear hunts, singing teachers, and parades…welcome to ‘school’

Ashland Elementary staff is the latest to take to the streets to cheer up students and themselves.

Smile, learn, teach…this one has it all

Going hip-hop to teach young kids about coins, check out Haley Vollet at Stonewall Elementary

Free online education resources expanded

Parents, teachers and students have free access to a bank of online education resources, according to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE).
Mental Health GFX

House finalizes mental health training measure

Measure expands training opportunities for people who deal with the public.

Education Association asks patience

Group understands NTI and other out-of-school plans vary greatly from district to district. Educators need to remain calm.

Audit reviews Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement Systems

A report by Kentucky Auditor Mike Harmon shows the pension system for teachers is on more solid ground.

Pension reform a recurring topic in Governor debates

The issue of pension reform was a major focus last year especially for teachers. 

Realtors working to give back to Lexington teachers

Kristen LaRue was a teacher for seven years before she switched to real estate.

Judge refuses to step aside from teacher ‘sickout’ case

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's legal team has failed to persuade a judge to step aside from hearing a lawsuit stemming from protests that shut down some schools.

Bluegrass Central Labor Council held annual Labor Day picnic

The Bluegrass Central Labor Council held its annual Labor Day picnic, at Masterson Station Park on Monday.
Phone, Scam

Phone scam targets teachers in Kentucky

Specific teachers are targeted in a new phone scam. Find out how it works and what can be done to avoid becoming a victim.

Teacher says state’s ‘sickouts’ ruling is a threat

Kentucky's labor secretary says more than 1,000 teachers violated state law by participating in rallies at the state Capitol.

Ky. Dept. of Education’s new website recruits new teachers

The Kentucky Department of Education has launched a new campaign and website to recruit and encourage potential teachers.

Back to school security following weekend mass shootings

After the weekend of shootings, parents, teachers, and students are thinking of their safety.

Kentucky Power awards grants to teachers and schools

Kentucky Power awarded grants to a dozen eastern Kentucky schools as part of the FIRST robotics program and the Teacher Vision Grant program.

Madison County Schools subpoenaed by KY Labor Cabinet

Last month, the state education commissioner requested the names of teachers who used sick days to rally at the Capitol.

School districts get subpoenas related to teacher absences

Kentucky's largest school district has received a subpoena from Gov. Matt Bevin's administration seeking the names of teachers who might have used sick days to rally at the state Capitol.

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