Schools facing some challenges with in-person learning

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky Youth Advocates, a statewide organization that calls itself an independent voice for kids, got together virtually and talked about what schools should expect next now that students are gradually returning to the classroom.

“Trying to figure out what are the best paths forward given the situation where none of the paths are ideal,” Dr. Flynn said.

Kentucky Youth Advocates stressed that schools must meet the needs of all students who are going through different experiences, some in-person and some still virtually.

Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents Dr. Jim Flynn said there is no one solution to the many challenges.

“All the different recovery needs, not just academic but behavioral health, social, emotional, all those needs are going to have to be addressed and our superintendents have worried about that and I think that’s why so many of them have worked so hard to try to get kids back in school,” Dr. Flynn said.

He said schools that have returned to the classroom are doing really well with keeping students safe.

ABC 36 spoke with Scott County’s Assistant Superintendent Billy Parker, he said the district has continued implementing protocols but it hasn’t all been easy.

“There are challenges that we’ve faced, I think that everyone is facing. One of those, in particular, would be making sure we have enough subs, substitute teachers in place,” Parker said.

He said students are excited to be back in school, so they’re taking the precautions seriously.

“Our community in Scott County, everybody understands the importance of staying open in our schools, and to make that happen we’ve got to follow protocols that are in place. Generally, a few, really and truly just a few reminders is all students have needed to keep the issue of masks at bay,” Parker said.

Every time a school system returns kids to the classroom, it’s one more step toward a return to some degree of normalcy.

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