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Sunny and less humid today.

Enjoy the sunshine and low humidity because we have more rain and thunderstorms chances ahead.

Less humid and sunny this afternoon.

Enjoy the nice afternoon. Sunshine will continue this weekend but it will be hot and humid.

Clearing skies & comfortable Wednesday!

Skies will continue to clear out today with high temperatures near 80 degrees and a lot less humidity

A refreshing change for your Monday

Skies will be mostly sunny today with high temps around 80 degrees, humidity levels will be much more comfortable

More rain chances for Friday and the weekend

Mostly cloudy skies will develop for Friday, with scattered rain showers. High temperatures will be around 84 degrees.

More rain chances for the week

Mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain showers continue for Thursday, with a high temperature of 83 degrees.

Still a little warm but it will feel better…

Today’s cold front has moved just far enough south to allow less humid and drier weather to move in. Sunday promises to be a warm day but with humidity levels somewhat lower, it will feel somewhat better.

Rain chances continue for Saturday, yet drier for Sunday

Mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain showers and thunderstorms will be possible for Saturday.

Fewer thunderstorms today…

One more day of hot and humid weather before we see a change. A cold front will slide though the Bluegrass region on Saturday morning to put a temporary end to our current weather pattern. A few strong thunderstorms could develop along the front tonight and Saturday morning.

Warm temperatures, yet less muggy this weekend

Partly to mostly cloudy skies continue for the start of the weekend, with a few rain showers and thunderstorms, and a high temperature of 85 degrees.

Cool and comfortable tonight

Skies will be mostly clear, with a cool low temperature of 58 degrees.

Pleasant weather ahead

Partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures for Tuesday, with a high temperature of 85 degrees.

SUN-sational Start to August

After a beautiful Saturday, Sunday looks just as nice; however, more humidity, showers and thunderstorms are back by midweek next week.

Mostly sunny and warm for Friday

Temperatures will stay in the mid 80s on average Friday through the weekend, with mostly sunny skies.

Less humid air returns late Thursday

Scattered rain showers and a few thunderstorms will be possible into early Thursday, with less humid air and more sunshine Thursday afternoon.

Pleasant weather returns for Wednesday

Less humid air returns for Wednesday, with seasonally warm temperatures. Another chance for scattered rain returns for Thursday.

Partly cloudy with seasonal temperatures for Tuesday.

After a stormy Monday, our weather will quite down but expect more humid and warmer temperatures by midweek.

Severe Thunderstorms will be Ending This Evening

Severe thunderstorms moved through Central Kentucky today as a cold front approaches.

Fall-Like Weather Has Arrived And Continues This Weekend

The cooler and less humid air has arrived for Friday. Mostly cloudy skies will help to keep temperatures down as most cities stay dry.

Cold Front Kicks Off Storms Saturday

A cold front will push through Kentucky on Saturday, kicking off a number of showers and storms. It will provide some relief from the heat and humidity for the second half of the weekend.

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