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Monday, September 27, 2021
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Millions in fake jewelry and watches seized

Louisville CBP Seizes Three Shipments Worth Over $5.5M in Two Days

CBP officers in Louisville seize bogus Rolex watches

20 watches came from Hong Kong headed to Miami

Marshals raid Lexington company for one million counterfeit 3M masks

Company must turn over list of who it purchased from, sold to.

‘Funny money’ showing up in Estill County

Money in several denominations

Customs seizes almost $38 million in fake Rolex watches

Two seizures in less than seven days, huge street values if had been real.

Customs officers snag $5.2 million in fake designer jewelry

Officers catch two shipments headed to fake address.

1,280 fake watches worth $25 million intercepted by CBP in Louisville

More than 1,200 watches were headed to Utah.

200 watches worth more than $2M halted by CBP officers

200 watches labeled as 'fashion.'

In a week, Customs officers seize $7.6 million from cocaine to sports jerseys

Seizures cover spectrum of illegal drugs, fake goods.

More than 10,000 fake Casio watches seized in Louisville

Items were headed from Hong Kong to Texas.

One night, five shipments, more than $1.1 million seized in Louisville

Items coming from Hong Kong and UAE headed for California, New York, other places.

Customs officers seize $193,000 in fake goods

Items came from Vietnam, headed to California.

Customs agents seize $3.7 million in bogus merchandise

Seizures include everything from watches to purses.

CBP officers seize $115,000 in fake goods

55 items from Gucci to make-up and shoes.

Two Chicago women busted trying to pass bogus bills

Clerk at store recognized bills as fake.

Gucci, Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vitton among seized counterfeit goods

Big-name fashions among the counterfeit goods.

Shipment of counterfeit items seized in Louisville

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers say they seized a large shipment of counterfeit luxury watches, handbags, and sunglasses at the Louisville Port of Entry.

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