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Woman accused of nearly hitting officer during getaway

Lexington Police arrested a woman for wanton endangerment, after they say she nearly hit an officer with her car while trying to escape an identity theft charge.

LPD: Two men arrested at Parkside Apartments

Lexington Police arrested two men after they say the men shot air soft guns at children and damaged lights at an apartment building.

LPD: Man arrested, apologizes after near crash

Police arrested a man after they say he tried to hit another man during an event at McConnell Springs Park last month.

Police arrest man for threatening woman’s life with gun

Police have arrested a man they say held a woman at gunpoint and threatened her life.

LPD: Man arrested, points gun at mother and son

Police arrested a man after they say he pointed a gun at a woman and her son.

LPD: Man arrested after overnight stand off

Police arrested a man after they say he held a woman against her will overnight during a stand off.

Two arrested in early-morning shooting in Scott County

Investigators say the victim was in bed when the suspects came in and fired at him several times.

LPD: Woman snorts heroin, passes out in car with children inside

Police have arrested a woman they say they found passed out in a car with her children inside.

LPD: Man charged for assault with handgun

Police arrested a man after they say he assaulted a woman and threatened to kill her with a handgun.

Man arrested for assault and wanton endangerment after being upset by traffic in downtown...

Police have arrested a man they say assaulted a safety officer and endangered his life, after being upset by heavy traffic in downtown Lexington.

Grand jury indicts teen in fatal crash in Madison County

Dylan Casey is accused of causing the crash on Battlefield Memorial Highway on Ky. 1016 that left Brianna Cowden dead.

LPD: Man charged after driving drunk with 10-year-old son

Police have arrested a man they say drove under the influence with his 10-year-old son in the car.

Man accused of firing shot in Lexington business

Both employees say they then heard a gunshot come from the back of the store and saw the woman grab the two children and pull them away from Alford Stokley.

Father charged after baby found with drugs in system

Police say the child was in the care of her father, 28-year-old Dion Johnson, when she started showing signs of drug impairment.
Trinity Gayvideo

Jury reaches verdicts in the Trinity Gay murder trial

Four men found guilty in connection to the shooting death of Trinity Gay, the daughter of Olympian Tyson Gay.

Former Menifee Co. teacher in jail again

A former Menifee County teacher accused of snorting a pill in her classroom is in jail again. This time, in Clark County.

Sheriff: Children found in “poor living conditions”

Deputies arrested 21-year-old Jamie Zimmerman, of Corbin, and charged her with three counts of wanton endangerment.

Authorities investigate shooting in Mercer County

Richard Rowlette was arrested and charged with assault and wanton endangerment.

Arrest in Lexington for wanton endangerment against a police officer

Police have arrested a man they say endangered the life of an officer by driving off while the officer was holding onto the handle of his car door.

LPD: Man charged after pulling gun on father and son

Police have arrested a man they say pointed a gun at a father and son back in May, while they worked on a car outside their home.

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