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Scam Alert

Diabetes scam warning

Be aware of a phone scam targeting people with diabetes, particularly senior citizens on Medicare, according to The Morehead News.

Berea Police: Renters beware of Facebook Marketplace scam

Police say the scammer is advertising on Facebook Marketplace they have a home or apartment for rent.

Phone scam warning in Fayette County

Find out what you need to know about a phone scam in Fayette County, so you don't fall for it.
Scam Alert

Scam alert in Anderson Co.

Anderson County Sheriff deputies say people in the area need to be on the lookout for a man that is posing as a police official.

SCAM ALERT: caller claims to be with police

Nicholasville Police say someone is calling people, claiming to be law enforcement.

Scams targeting Medicaid and Medicare patients

The Attorney General is warning Kentuckians about medical billing scams. 

2 Florida men sentenced in lottery scam of Kentucky woman

Two Florida men have pleaded guilty to theft and exploitation charges for using a phone scam to con a Louisville woman out of more than $104,000.

Social security scam circulating Laurel Co.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office wants to warn people of a social security scam going around.

Scammers target Woodford County church

An employee at the church received a letter, threatening to seize church property if taxes, penalty and interest totaling more than $21,000 were not paid immediately over the phone.

LPD: Accused serial scammer speeds away, almost hits officer

Lexington Police continue their search for a wanted serial scammer.

BBB warning UK fans to watch out for NCAA ticket scams

UK fans are being told by the BBB to be aware of questionable sources when buying tickets to the NCAA. 

Social Security scam circulating Kentucky

The attorney general's office says there have been widespread reports of "suspended" Social Security number scams.

Letter sent to U.S. Senate seeks protection from illegal robocalls

Officials say the legislation would require voice service providers to participate in a call authentication framework to help block unwanted calls.

eBay scam circulating around Winchester

Winchester Police Department is warning residents of a scam currently circulating.

Police warn about candy bar scam

Police say the man claims he is raising money for Montgomery County Upward basketball.

Fuel pump scams in Frankfort

Several people including the Franklin County Sheriff's Department have been scammed lately at gas pumps in Frankfort.

Sheriff: Scammers targeting sex offenders

Deputies say two people were contacted by a person claiming they were with the Jessamine County Sheriffs Office and that there was a warrant out on them.

Computer scam circulating Pulaski Co.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office says a computer scam is circulating throughout the county.

Kentucky AG Andy Beshear: Tax return time is peak season for scammers

As Kentuckians begin electronically filing their state and federal income taxes, Attorney General Andy Beshear is asking them to be prepared for an increase in scams calls.

Franklin Co. deputies warn of mail scam

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is warning residents about a mail scam going around. 

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