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Franklin Co. deputies warn of mail scam

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is warning residents about a mail scam going around. 

Oil-well driller gets 4 years in prison for investor scam

An oil-well driller who worked in Kentucky and Tennessee has been sentenced to four years in prison for scamming investors.

Kentucky Utilities phone scam alert

Police in Versailles are warning Kentucky Utilities customers about a phone scam.

Sheriff: Look out for Secret Shopper scam

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office people about a Secret Shopper scam.

Georgetown Police warn people of phone scam

Georgetown Police say they have received multiple reports of people getting phone calls from others pretending to be Georgetown Police.

Utility scam circulating in Boyle County

The Boyle County Sheriff’s Department is warning of another scam circulating in Boyle County and surrounding areas.
Mail USPS mailbox postal service

Beshear, U.S. postal inspection service working to Stamp Out Mail Scams

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Thursday the Stamp Out Mail Scams awareness campaigned was announced at a Lexington post office. The Attorney General Andy Beshear...

Facebook accounts NOT being cloned

Several Facebook users are worried their Facebook accounts are being cloned. According to Facebook, that is not happening. 
Scam Alert

Firefighters warn of scam in Waco, Ky.

A warning tonight from a Kentucky fire department.
Scam Alert

Kentucky American Water reminds customers to be aware of scams by imposters

Kentucky American Water wants to remind customers to be wary of individuals posing as water company employees trying to gain access to customers’ homes.

Hoax letter, call targeting Kentuckians’ Social Security and veteran benefits

The Kentucky Office of the Attorney General announced it recently received reports from seniors and veterans who say scammers tried to steal their monthly Social Security or veteran benefit.

KU warns people of scams

Kentucky Utilities say customers are reporting scam activity, usually three or four a week, but they have had 40 scam reports today.

Beware of KU scam in Jessamine Co.

Wilmore Police are warning people about a scam involving Kentucky Utilities.

BBB: Fake check fraud on the rise

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) - According to the BBB fake check scams are on the rise. They say fake checks are used in a variety of...
Scam, Phone, Call

KU scam in Woodford Co.

The Woodford Sun says multiple sources are reporting a scam in Woodford County.

Scam alert issued in Paris

PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ)- A scam alert was issued on Wednesday for people who live in Paris. Officials say people in the community have been receiving...

Beshear: Don’t let rental scams ruin your big move

According to Attorney General Andy Beshear, renting a luxury log cabin on 10 acres in Fayette County for less than $750 a month is likely too good to be true.
Scam Alert

Residents warned of renting/buying scam in Rowan County

Many of the properties have already been rented or purchased.

Kroger warns customers of a fake coupon circulating on social media

The “$250 Kroger Shopping Coupon” giveaway is not in affiliation with the company.

Burnside PD receives complaints of secret shopper scam

The Burnside Police Department warns people of a possible scam.

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