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Phone, Scam

KSP warns of sex offender scam

State Police are warning of a phone scam targeting convicted sex offenders.

Mail and packages stolen in Scott County neighborhoods

Deputies believe thieves are looking for gift cards or cash.

Search for skimming suspects in Nicholasville

Police say the skimmers were placed at BP stations then the stolen information was used to purchase gift cards at Walmart.
Scam, Phone, Call

Woodford Co. man pays $4,000 in iTunes gift cards in ‘grandparent scam’

A Woodford County man was the victim of a "grandparent scam" that required him to pay money to a person impersonating a law enforcement official.
Roy Branham Jr.

SHERIFF: Laurel Co. employee stole thousands from business

An employee at a Laurel Co. business was arrested on theft charges after the Sheriff says he stole thousands of dollars from the company.

Lexington Police: Stolen Credit Cards Used To Buy Gift Cards

Lexington police said someone is stealing credit cards and using them to buy gift cards at Kmart, Walmart, and Kroger stores.

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