Restaurant donating meals to Nourish Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)A restaurant is changing its traditional Christmas routine to help customers help those hospitality workers who’ve been hit hard by the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Around this time each year, Bourbon n’ Toulouse runs the typical promotion of “buy a $25 gift card and get a $5 bonus gift card free.”

But with so much un/underemployment currently in the Lexington restaurant industry, the management decided to do something a little more fitting of 2020. Instead of giving their paying customers free food, they decided to pay it forward by donating meals to those in need.

From now until Christmas, for every $25 e-gift card purchased, Bourbon n’ Toulouse will donate two meals to Nourish Lexington, Powered by FoodChain.

Nourish Lexington and FoodChain came together at the start of the pandemic to provide free meals to not only people working in the restaurant industry, but to anyone in Lexington that needs help putting food on the table.

Along with giving away more than 200,000 hot meals since March, Nourish Lexington has also provided jobs for out of work cooks and pays locally owned restaurants to produce most of the meals they have given away.

“Nourish Lexington not only provides hot meals for those in need, but they’ve also given the restaurant industry a way to help itself. The neatest part about this collaboration is that they’ve been able to pay struggling local restaurants to help produce most of the meals served, keeping almost all of their donation money in the Lexington economy,” said Kevin Heathcoat, co-owner of Bourbon n’ Toulouse.

“Nourish Lexington has passed the half million dollar mark on money spent with local restaurants, farmers, the food service workers they employ, and local food distributors! I think these people are creating the template for how to solve Lexington’s food insecurity in the Post-Covid Era. They are truly doing amazing work,” he added.

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