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Record-breaking cold coming to Midwest after snowstorm

Extremely cold, record-breaking temperatures are settling across parts of the Midwest after a powerful snowstorm pounded the region overnight Monday, and forecasters are describing the subzero weather on the way as potentially life-threatening.

Cold weather makes for dangerous nights for the homeless

On cold weather days Joseph Spalding says he doesn't know what he would do without the Catholic Action Center.

Cooling stations available for those struggling in heat

The heat is so oppressive this week Lexington has a plan to keep people safe and cool.

Near record temperatures expected Mother’s Day

It's been hot today, but with plenty of sunshine.
jail prison bars inmates

Louisville jail officials: cold weather chilling facilities

Jail officials in Louisville say the cold temperatures are hobbling the heating system, and many inmates are shivering in their cells.
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Local organizations help to keep people safe during this heat wave

When temperatures start creeping up into the 90's like this it can become dangerous to people who have to be outside or don't have air conditioning.

Hope Center Offering Help to Homeless as Cold Weather Approaches

The Hope Center, dedicated to help homeless people every day of the year, is providing additional services to those left outside as temperatures fall.

Cooler with more sunshine for your Friday

Sunshine returns, but with cooler temperatures compared to the last few days. Jackets were needed this morning and you may want to keep them...

Record high for Saturday, cooling slightly for Sunday

What a beautiful Saturday. We have seen plenty of sunshine and summer like temperatures. In fact, we set a new record high of 82...

Homeless shelters preparing for influx during cold snap

To help keep the homeless from the elements the Catholic Action Center will be expanding its hours and will remain open for the next 24 hours. They say they plan to keep that schedule until the weather breaks.

AAA: Remember cold weather kills weak car batteries

AAA of Lexington is reminding Central Kentucky drivers that the cold temperatures can kill weak car batteries. It says battery problems are the top reason that motorists are calling for roadside help this winter.

Warm weather keeping ladybugs more active than usual

Warm December temperatures have kept ladybugs more active than usual around Daviess County.
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A few showers ending but expect more heat and humidity.

It will feel a lot more like summer for the next week or so as high pressure settles in over the region.
Warming Shelter Sign

UPDATE: Lexington Warming Centers Open Through Friday

Lexington confirmed its warming centers would be open Wednesday through Friday. Weekend needs would also be evaluated.

Kentucky expecting dip in temperatures, experts urge caution

Experts say it's important to take precautions for yourself as well as your property as temperatures dip Wednesday night.

Temperatures Drop, Firewood Sales Climb

As temperatures hold steady below zero, some companies said firewood sales have doubled this winter. Lexington Tree Services said compared to last year, they are selling twice as much firewood this season.
Snow Plow

Drifting, Sub-Freezing Temperatures Hinder Snow Efforts

Efforts to clear Lexington roadways are being hampered by drifting snow and sub-freezing temperatures.
Snow Plow

Drifting, Sub-Freezing Temperatures Hinder Snow Efforts

Efforts to clear Lexington roadways are being hampered by drifting snow and sub-freezing temperatures.
Full Moon Nightvideo

Staying Warm For The Weekend; Great Viewing Of Full Moon!

Tempeatures will remain above normal through the extended forecast, with generally upper 80s to near 90 degrees.

Summer Officially Begins Friday, With the Summer Solstice at 1:04 a.m.

We will have warmer and more humid conditions as we continue through the rest of the week, and into next week.

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