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Monday, January 25, 2021
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Tag: Scam Alert

Franklin Co. Sheriff: scammer claims to be Lt. Smith…”We don’t have a Lt. Smith”

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says a scammer is calling people, saying he's Lieutenant Smith with the Sheriff's office, but the Sheriff's  Office doesn't have a Lieutenant Smith. 

BBB Scam Alert: COVID clinical study scams promise big bucks

Scams often promise payments that aren't real.

Scam Alert: Lexington police warning people about scammer pretending to be officer

The Lexington Police Department says scammers are calling people, claiming to be a police officer or a federal agent. 

Richmond Police issue scam call alert

Scammers are taking advantage of technology to try to same Madison County residents.

Scam Alert in Stanton

Stanton Police say a man claims to be selling ads for a calendar as part of a local sports fundraiser. Police say, don't fall for it.

Tips to avoid scams directed toward veterans

The state is warning veterans to be aware of scams aimed at them. 

Kentuckians report losing more than $90,000 in computer virus scam

Kentucky's Attorney General has issued a computer virus scam alert.

Scams targeting Medicaid and Medicare patients

The Attorney General is warning Kentuckians about medical billing scams. 

Lexington Police investigating scam referencing the department

The Lexington Police Department says someone might be claiming to be a police officer as a way to get money.

Beshear: Grandparent scammers threatening seniors

Three Kentucky grandparents were robbed of nearly $18,000 recently after falling victim to a “grandparent scam,” according to Attorney General Andy Beshear who issued a statewide scam alert Thursday.

Scam alert issued in Paris

PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ)- A scam alert was issued on Wednesday for people who live in Paris. Officials say people in the community have been receiving...

Georgetown Fire Department: Scam alert

The Georgetown Fire Department says someone is calling people posing as a fund raising organization.

Beshear: Scammers posing as the AG’s Office

Prize scam using the Office of the Attorney General to scare people into wiring money, according to Andy Beshear.

AG warns Kentuckians about sham veteran charity

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ)- Attorney General Andy Beshear warns Kentuckians of a sham charity that's taking advantage of their generosity to veterans. According to the Office...

Utility scam phone calls target Kentucky customers

Scam Alert warning Kentuckians of reports of suspicious calls being made to utility customers in southeastern Kentucky.

Officials warn people of Business email compromise scam

Attorney General Andy Beshear has issued a Scam Alert warning government organizations and small businesses to be cautious of a “business email compromise” scam.

SCAM ALERT: Beware bogus IRS caller

Kentucky State Police Post are warning the public of a scam that is not new, but has resurfaced in the area.

Fake law enforcement charity scam targets Kentuckians

Kentucky's attorney general is warning Kentuckians about a phone scam in which a caller claims to represent a law enforcement charity.

SCAM ALERT: Pulaski Co. Sheriff warns of blacktopping scam

The Pulaski Co. Sheriff is warning homeowners in the area that an investigation has begun into a blacktopping scam in the area.

SCAM ALERT: Berea PD warn of bogus “officer” call

Police in Berea are warning residents of a phone scam that was reported to them.

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