Georgetown police issue warning over Paypal scam

Victims receive an email, text message with a link claiming to be from Paypal

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Georgetown police are warning people about a Paypal scam going around.

According to the Georgetown Police Department (GPD), “We have recently received reports of a scam involving Paypal. Victims receive an email (can sometimes be a text message) with a link claiming to be from Paypal. The victim then calls the number provided and gives remote access to their computer and all the accounts saved on that computer.”

Police warn people to never give anyone that you don’t know access to any devices, including computers and cell phones. Password and financial account information could be saved on the device and by providing access, you are essentially giving scammers passwords and log-in information.

Also, a note about Green Dot cards if you are being pressured to provide an immediate payment. According to GPD, “A Green Dot card is a prepaid credit card. Once the numbers are given to the caller the money can be withdrawn from the account within seconds. Please do not purchase one of these cards and give the numbers over the phone or in an email because it is a scam. Once the numbers are given to the scammers your money is gone.”


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