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Expungement bill passes

Legislation to expand the number of Kentuckians eligible to have low-level felonies expunged from their criminal records is headed to the governor.

Campus free speech bill heading to governor

Legislation, dubbed the campus free speech bill, received final passage by a 30-7 vote Thursday in the Kentucky Senate.
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Bill seeks to send big legal cases to statewide judges

The Senate passed a bill to allow state officials to bypass having their legal cases heard by a circuit judge criticized by Gov. Matt Bevin.

Kentucky Senate OKs bill to reveal executive branch lobbying

The Kentucky Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill aimed at shedding more light on efforts to lobby the state's executive branch.

Kentucky Senate passes bill to outlaw child sex dolls

Kentucky Senate passes bill to make possessing a "child sex doll" illegal

Kentucky Senate passes fetal heartbeat bill

The Kentucky Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bill that would ban most abortions in the state once a fetal heartbeat is detected.
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Senate passes state spending plan

The latest version of Kentucky’s next budget passed the Senate today – and it contained no new taxes.
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Kentucky Senate OKs bill to limit some attorneys’ fees

Outside attorneys representing Kentucky in lawsuits against corporations and other entities would be limited in how much money they could make under a bill that has cleared the state Senate.

Revenge porn bill passes in Senate committee

Find out what "revenge porn" is and why a state Senate committee passed a bill criminalizing it.
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Kentucky Senate passes bill banning most child marriages

Anyone 16 years and younger will not be allowed to wed according to newly passed KY bill.

Senate OKs bill to steer more pregnant inmates into rehab

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill aimed at steering more pregnant inmates into rehabilitation centers to treat their drug addiction.
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$22.5 billion state spending plan passes House, moves to Senate

A $22.5 billion state spending plan passed the state House Thursday on a 76-15 vote.

Senate committee OKs volunteer jurors

A Senate committee approved a bill Thursday that would alter aspects of jury service throughout the commonwealth.
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Bill to let Kentucky handle Medicaid pharmacy clears Senate

The Kentucky Senate has voted to take $1.68 billion of Medicaid money from pharmacy benefit managers and give it to the state to administer its own program.
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The Senate passes telehealth care bill

The Kentucky Senate passed a measure Monday to encourage the practice of incorporating new communication technologies when treating patients, broadly known as telehealth.

Medical marijuana resolution clears House hurdle

The Kentucky House wants the federal government to accelerate research on the "safety and effectiveness" of medical marijuana.

Bill offers immunity for breaking into cars to rescue pets

New bill will prevent repercussions from saving animals from hot cars.
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Bible literacy bill headed to governor’s desk

A bill that would require the state Board of Education to develop guidelines for Bible literacy courses is on its way to Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's desk.

Sports concussion protocol bill sent to governor

The Kentucky Senate has given final approval to a bill dealing with student athlete safety.
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Cheers: Bill would let Kentucky bars buy vintage whiskeys

State lawmakers passed a bill that allows vintage bottles of spirits to be put back into circulation in Kentucky.

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