COVID cases declining in Fayette County Public Schools

Supt. Liggins defends the district's mask mandate, which remains in place for now

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) is seeing a gradual decline in new COVID-19 cases, according to the district.

For the week of Feb.1-7, 2022, FCPS had 427 new student cases and 78 new staff cases, according to the district.

FCPS continues to deal with a bus driver shortage.  The district says one person earned their CDL in the past week; however, another bus driver left, so the same number of vacancies remain.

There are currently 16 people working on their CDL and fourteen people have signed-up for the next driver training class, which begins Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, according to FCPS.

Here is the latest COVID-19 report from the school district:

Positivity rates and cases of COVID-19 are continuing to go down, according to Lexington-Fayette County Health Department Interim Chief Administrative Officer Jessica Cobb, noting the following trend in the seven-day average of new cases:

  • Jan. 25: 1,108
  • Feb. 1: 855
  • Feb. 8: 726

Although the percentage of Fayette County residents who are fully immunized against COVIC-19 remains flat, Cobb did note an uptick in first doses of the vaccine.

Here is a look at the percentage of individuals who have one dose, are fully vaccinated, or are fully vaccinated and boosted by age group:

  • Ages 5 to 11: 40% first dose, 30% fully vaccinated
  • Ages 12 to 15: 72% first dose, 59% fully vaccinated; 12% boosted
  • Ages 16 and 17: 76% first dose, 64% fully vaccinated, 20% boosted
  • Ages 18 to 24: 59% first dose, 46% fully vaccinated, 15% boosted
  • Ages 25 to 39: 81% first dose, 64% fully vaccinated, 26% boosted
  • Ages 40 to 49: 91% first dose, 73% fully vaccinated, 36% boosted
  • Ages 50 to 64: 93% first dose, 77% fully vaccinated, 43% boosted
  • Ages 65 to 74: 100% first dose, 90% fully vaccinated, 62% boosted
  • Ages 75 and above: 100% first dose, 87% fully vaccinated, 60% boosted

Here is a summary of items discussed during the February 8, 2022 meeting of the Fayette County Public Schools Core COVID-19 Team:

Transportation Staffing

In the past week, one of the individuals working toward their licensure earned their CDL and joined our bus driver ranks. Unfortunately, we had another bus driver decide to leave, so our number of vacancies remains even. There are currently 16 individuals actively working on their CDL and we are starting a new class on Monday. So far we have 14 people signed up — if you know anyone who would like to join them, please encourage them to apply at

Here is this week’s letter from Superintendent Demetrus Liggins:

When we started school back in August, my goal was to give our students as normal a school year as possible, despite the fact that we’re in a pandemic.

At the time, health experts at the national, state, and local levels advised us that implementing universal masking would allow us to do that. Their guidance has not changed, and since then, our students have enjoyed many of the “normal” school experiences of field trips, concerts, assemblies, and more.

In accordance with updated state guidance, our masking policies have also allowed us to stop placing students in quarantine because of at-school exposures. This has dramatically decreased disruption for our families and kept our students in school. As new science and information has been released by medical experts, we have adapted and refined our practices and procedures.

We remain committed to this process as we meet weekly with our partners at the Lexington-Fayette County Department of Health to receive new information and consider whether changes to our safety policies and procedures are warranted.

As we have since August, I will keep lines of communication open and provide updates to our employees and families.

In closing I want to correct some data I shared last week that demonstrated the impact of the Omicron variant:

  • 1,030 students tested positive for COVID-19 in September 2021.
  • 415 students tested positive for COVID-19 in October 2021.
  • 319 students tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2021.
  • 447 students tested positive for COVID-19 in December 2021.
  • 3,467 students tested positive for COVID-19 in January 2022.

Our public dashboard had the correct numbers, but an internal count I shared in last week’s newsletter was incorrect. We apologize for the error.

Please be safe and stay healthy,



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