Cold Tonight. Some Snow Ahead

With a light wind Thursday morning, we will feel wind chills 0-10°.  Thursday looks decent. Milder, but a good southwest breeze to add a chill.  Friday looks like light snow across the area. Overall, a cold, and continued dry week.

Tonight: Mostly clear and cold.  Our low near 10.  Winds light.

Thursday: Partly sunny and a high of 40.

Thursday night: Cloudy with a 30% chance of snow showers.  A low of 27.

Friday: a 40% chance of snow showers and a high of 34.

Saturday: Mostly sunny and cold.  A high of 27

Sunday: Partly sunny and a high of 38.

Monday: Partly cloudy and a high of 45

Tuesday: Fairly sunny.  A mild high of 52.

Wednesday: Partly sunny and a 40% chance of rain, with a high of 48.

Weather History
For Wednesday, January 26, 2022
1978 – A paralyzing blizzard struck the Midwest. One to three feet of snow fell in Michigan, and 20 to 40 inches was reported across Indiana. Winds reached 70 mph in Michigan, and gusted above 100 mph in Ohio. The high winds produced snow drifts twenty feet high in Michigan and Indiana stranding thousands on the interstate highways. Temperatures in Ohio dropped from the 40s to near zero during the storm. (David Ludlum)
1983 – The California coast was battered by a storm which produced record high tides, thirty-two foot waves, and mudslides, causing millions of dollars damage. The storm then moved east and dumped four feet of snow on Lake Tahoe. (22nd-29th) (The Weather Channel)
1987 – A winter storm spread heavy snow across the Middle and Northern Atlantic Coast States, with 18 inches reported at Vineland NJ, and wind gusts to 65 mph at Chatham MA. Snow cover in Virginia ranged up to thirty inches following this second major storm in just one week. (National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)
1988 – A snowstorm in the northeastern U.S. produced 19 inches at Austerlitz NY and Stillwater NY. A storm in the Great Lakes Region left 16.5 inches at Marquette MI, for a total of 43 inches in six days. (National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)
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