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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Gym goer, owner, weigh in on new restrictions to take effect tomorrow

Like restaurants and bars, gyms were struggling to survive before new restrictions were announced this week.

Inspirational video shows wounded deputy working out

The Scott County Sheriff's deputy was left partially paralyzed in a shooting in September.

Staying Fit During Pregnancy with Mom to Mom

Tips for staying fit before, during and after baby.

Lydia Sweetzer from Proof Fitness was in the house to put Lyssa and David through an easy to do at home barbell workout~

Lydia Sweetzer from Proof Fitness was in the house to put Lyssa and David through an easy to do at home barbell workout~

Exercises To Improve Your Core Strength – Lydia Sweetser

Looking for some great exercises to workout your core? Lydia Sweetser of Proof Fitness shares her tips to whip you into shape. Plus, you never know what surprises we may pull on set. WATCH til the end to see how it all ends!

The Latest Workout Craze – Crossfit Strode Station

Curious about Crossfit? CrossFit Strode Station's Josh Tackett answers all your burning questions about the latest craze sweeping the fitness world!

A High-Intensity Workout with Lydia Sweetser of Proof Fitness

Ready to break a sweat? Try this high-intensity workout from Lydia Sweetser of Proof Fitness to get you shredded for the summer!

Booiaka Dance Workout – Tara Hernandez

While the weather may be a bit on the cool side, the Booiaka cardio-dance workout is sure to keep you fired up all year long. Join Booiaka Instructor, Tara Hernandez for some calorie-burning fun at the Imani Baptist Church over in Georgetown.

Sheriff: Boys tried to steal from gym, end up working out instead

A pair of would-be thieves gave up midway through robbing a gym, and decided to work on their physique instead, according to the Bell Co. Sheriff.

Davis’ Closed Craft Center Workout

Former Cat is part of NBA's "Rooks."

Putting The Power Of Pilates Into Your Workout

Experts say that workouts for the core, which includes the back, are often neglected.

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Kentucky Baseball signs Nick Mingione to a contract extension

LEXINGTON, Ky. (UK Athletics) – Kentucky baseball head coach Nick Mingione has signed a contract extension that will keep him with the program through...

Kentucky Senate backs COVID liability shield for businesses

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill to provide broad protections shielding businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Ballot measure would give lawmakers more days to meet

A proposed constitutional amendment cleared the Senate on Monday. It now returns to the House.

Push to pass Breonna’s Law in Lexington during virtual town hall

What would a Breonna's Law banning no-knock search warrants and improving police accountability look like in Lexington?