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Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Exantus’ ex-girlfriend describes his “emotional” behavior before the murder

For the first time jurors heard the other side of this story, what was happening in Ronald Exantus' life in the days leading up to the murder, from those who were closest to him including his now ex-girlfriend who he lived with at the time.

Logan Tipton’s family testify during first day of murder trial

It was an emotional day at the courthouse as Logan Tipton's family took the stand for the first time describing in detail the events that lead up to his murder while the man accused of killing Tipton sat in silence just feet away.

Student recounts ‘heinous’ high school shooting

Gavin Heady, a junior at Marshall County High School described the shooting at Madison County High School as something out of a horror film.

Judge rules former university board chairman OK for trial

A judge has ruled that former University of Kentucky board chairman Billy Joe Miles of Owensboro is competent to stand trial on rape and sodomy charges.

Man Indicted on Drug Trafficking Arrested for Bribing Witness

Appalachia Narcotics Investigators say a man indicted on drug trafficking charges has now been arrested on charges of bribing a witness.

Witness recounts seeing teenager place baby inside dumpster

Testimony has begun in a trial involving two teenagers accused of discarding a newborn infant in a western Kentucky dumpster.

Witness to helicopter crash reports abrupt rotor tilt

A Tennessee Valley Authority lineman who witnessed a fatal helicopter crash in western Kentucky this month has told investigators he saw the main rotor tilt abruptly just before the helicopter banked right and fell to the ground.

Testimony from co-defendant describes last breath from murder victim

The courtroom was quiet Thursday morning as Timothy Ballard, co-defendant in the murder case of Alex Johnson, described the victim's last breath after police say he was beaten in the back of a car.

Lexington Police investigate shooting in Palomar Centre

Lexington Police say a man was shot in the leg in the parking lot of the Palomar Centre at the corner of Harrodsburg Road and Man O War Boulevard in south Lexington.

House committee moves eyewitness identification reform act forward

A Kentucky House committee has passed a bill aimed to cut down on wrongful convictions by making police procedures across the state more uniform when it comes to witness identification.

Laurel sheriff: Inmate tried to bribe witness from jail

A Laurel County inmate is now facing more charges after deputies say he tried to bribe a witness from jail.

Louisville man sentenced to 35 years in witness slaying

A Louisville man convicted of murder for his role in the death of a woman who was supposed to be a witness against his brother has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Richmond Man Accused of Threatening a Court Witness

A man who was scheduled to appear in court after he allegedly let his dog kill another person's dog is now being accused of threatening the former dog owner and his wife.

UPDATE: Defense Rests In Christina Marcum Murder Trial

Wednesday marked the final day for testimonies in the Christina Marcum trial, as the prosecution and defense rested their cases. Only one witness was called to the stand.

Update: Douglass Park Shooting Called “Accidental”

Lexington Police said they were sent on a wild goose chase by a reported witness to a double-shooting in Douglass Park. Police said there was no suspect. Investigators said the shootings were accidental.

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Lexington to consider selling buildings to generate cash

There are three targeted properties for potential sale, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Better Business Bureau warns of COVID-19 vaccine scams

MORGAN COUNTY, KY. (ABC 36) - There's a new warning about COVID-19 vaccine scams in Eastern Kentucky. In Morgan County, the Sheriff's office has posted...

Water leak discovered in building on EKU campus

The water leak was caused by a burst pipe in the Begley Building in Roy Kidd Stadium, according to EKU Police.

Ruling: County official violated Open Records Act

The records request stemmed from a controversy over Marshall County's 911 center.