Student recounts ‘heinous’ high school shooting

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Gavin Heady, a junior at Marshall County High School described the shooting at Marshall County High School as something out of a horror film.

“You feel like you just got put into a movie and it’s almost like you see yourself from a third point of view and all you can think about is life or death,” said Heady.

Heady said he was one of hundreds of students waiting for class to start Tuesday morning in what they call “The Commons” when he heard gun shots just feet from where he was standing.

“I heard a shot behind me and didn’t know it was a shot obviously and when the second one hit the first thing I did was started running,” said Heady.

Heady said he and a flood of fellow students sprinted out of the building to their cars in the parking lot but then he remembered something.

“That my younger sister who is a sophomore was still in the area so I immediately got in contact with her and she said she was hiding in a cabinet in her classroom really close to the commons,” said Heady.

Heady says he ran back into a nearby building and took shelter before reuniting with his sister after police arrived.

He says it wasn’t until then, he realized he was covered in blood.

“All on my pants and it’s on my apple watch and it’s on my backpack and everything. So it happened right next to me. I just didn’t realize at the time,” said Heady.

Heady says he didn’t see the shooter but says at least four of his friends who were standing right next to him were shot.

“One of them was airlifted to Vanderbilt because he was shot in the face and the others are all fine,” said Heady.

Heady says he still hasn’t processed what happened but did have something to say about the shooter.

“Whoever did this was very troubled himself and while what he did was very heinous we just need to remember to pray for him and hope that he gets the help he needs,” said Heady.

Students will not be going back to class on Wednesday.

The school is still an active crime scene and it is unclear when it will reopen.

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