UPDATE: Defense Rests In Christina Marcum Murder Trial

Wednesday marked the final day for testimonies in the Christina Marcum trial, as the prosecution and defense rested their cases.

Only one witness was called to the stand

The defense asked Betty Nichols, who lived with Jason Singleton and his wife Angela, to testify.

Nichols told the court she saw the Singletons doing drugs, including meth, and that Jason would make fake IDs.

She said he indirectly threatened her if she ever told anyone what she saw.

Nicholas also testified that she had lied to police about Angela Frazier-Singleton being harassed by Marcum.

She said a friend of Angela’s, Cheyanne Sutherland, had threatened her if she didn’t like to the police — and to the jury.

While she was on the stand, Nichols said she has a disability and cannot read, write, or even remember most things, such as dates.

During cross-examination, the prosecutor questioned Nicholas about being able to remember so many details, despite her condition.

Closing arguments are set to begin Thursday morning at 9.

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