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Sentencing delayed for man accused of torture, rape and kidnapping

A Clark County man convicted of torturing, raping and kidnapping a woman will wait another month before he can be sentenced.

Defense motions for mistrial in marine murder trial

It is day six of the capitol murder trial for the two men accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old marine Jonathan Price during an attempted robbery outside of Austin City Saloon four years ago.

Marine Murder Trial Day 4: Prosecutors say a New York Yankees hat could link...

It is day 4 of the capitol murder trial for the two suspects charged with the shooting death of 26-year-old marine Jonathan Price.

Murder Trial Day 3: Prosecutors try to pin 2 murder suspects to the scene

Monday was day three of the murder trial for the two men accused of shooting and killing marine Jonathan Price outside of Austin City Saloon back in 2014.
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Lobbyist says payments to state official were friendly loans

A veteran lobbyist says his multiple cash payments to a high-ranking state official were loans between friends and not bribes meant to maintain a lucrative state contract for his corporate client.

Trial to begin for men accused of killing Marine

The trial for two men accused of shooting and killing U.S. Marine Jonathan Price begins Tuesday.

Family of murdered 6-year-old calls for change

Despite the persistent rain, dozens of supporters of Logan Tipton came out to march together into the Woodford County Courthouse, showing their support for the Tipton family and bring awareness to a new law the family is trying to get passed.

Testimony wraps up in Exantus murder trial

Thursday the jury heard final testimony for the defense where the focus was on whether or not Exantus was criminally insane at the time of the murder.

Exantus Trial Day 4: Former Co-workers testify on behalf of Ronald Exantus

On Wednesday jurors heard from several witnesses, including old colleagues of Exantus'.

Exantus’ ex-girlfriend describes his “emotional” behavior before the murder

For the first time jurors heard the other side of this story, what was happening in Ronald Exantus' life in the days leading up to the murder, from those who were closest to him including his now ex-girlfriend who he lived with at the time.

Exantus Trial Day 2: In initial police interview, Exantus mentions “Grey’s Anatomy” while explaining...

An accused child killer fights to save his own life in a Lexington courtroom.

DAY 2: Trial for accused murderer of Woodford Co. 6-year-old

Day two has begun in the trial for accused child murderer Ronald Exantus.
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Logan Tipton’s family testify during first day of murder trial

It was an emotional day at the courthouse as Logan Tipton's family took the stand for the first time describing in detail the events that lead up to his murder while the man accused of killing Tipton sat in silence just feet away.

Trial begins for alleged murderer of Woodford Co. child

A murder trial for the accused killer of a 6-year-old Woodford County boy began Monday morning.
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Eric Conn pleads not guilty to escape charges

One day after being sent back to the U.S. from Honduras, fugitive lawyer Eric Conn has pleaded not guilty to charges related to his escape.
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Principal’s trial on child porn charges postponed

A judge has postponed the trial of a former Kentucky high school principal facing dozens of child pornography counts stemming from allegations that he uploaded nude images from students' confiscated cellphones.
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Regulator questioned about abortion clinic’s licensing fight

A key health care regulator in Kentucky is being questioned at a federal trial about the circumstances that led to a licensing fight threatening to shut down the state's last abortion clinic.

Trial begins for Kentucky’s last remaining abortion clinic

A judge in Louisville is hearing arguments from Kentucky's last remaining abortion clinic as well as the Bevin administration.

Trial of man accused of killing girl is moved from county

The trial of a man charged with killing a 7-year-old girl will be moved from a Kentucky county.
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Jury recommends 60-year sentence in road rage shooting

A tearful McCullum told jurors he was not in his right mind when he fired the shots in the stranger's car.

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