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Monday, June 21, 2021
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Attorney General Beshear warns of Publisher’s Clearing House scam

Winners of the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes do not receive phone calls about their prizes.

KSP: Knox phone scammer asks for jury duty fines

State police are warning the Knox County community about a reported phone scam.

SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent phone calls in Knox Co.

Kentucky State Police in Knox Co. are warning residents of a phone scam that's going around the area.

Indictment and arrest after online scam investigation

A Washington Co. grand jury has indicted a woman accused of operating a fraudulent online scam to raise money for a fictitious dying child.

SCAM ALERT: Sheriff’s Office warns of Microsoft scam

The Woodford Co. Sheriff is warning of a new phone scam being reported in the area.

Phone scam in Fayette County

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office says someone is calling people claiming to be a sheriff’s office employee.

Watch out for phony IRS debt scam

The scammers are reportedly telling folks they owe money to the IRS, and threaten to take legal action if they do not pay right away.

Scam Alert: Bogus IRS calls reported in Laurel County

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a reported phone scam.

Scam Alert: Thieves targeting Johnson County storm victims

Scam artist "travelers" reported in Johnson Co.

Richmond PD: Don’t fall for home computer phone scam

olice in Richmond are warning people about a reported scam that involves security on home computers. Police say a man received a phone call from someone claiming to be a 'Windows' technician. The scammer told the victim his computer security had expired, and he needed his information so he could patch in remotely.

Laurel Sheriff: Two men arrested in door-to-door military scam

The Laurel County Sheriff says two men were arrested for reportedly going door-to-door asking for donations in the name of the military, but keeping the money for themselves.

AG warns against storm-related scams, price gouging

In a release Tuesday, Attorney General Jack Conway warned that price gouging or scams related to recent storms and flooding would not be tolerated.

SCAM: Asking for credit card, pretending to be deputy

Police say they have manipulated the caller ID to show up as Scott Co. Sheriff’s Office (502-863-7855). The scammers are using actual deputy names, as well.

Scam Alert: Watch out for man posing as Dell computers representative

Richmond police are warning the community about a scam involving a man who's posing as a Dell computers representative.

Police warn Lexington residents of potential scam

Police in Lexington say one person reports giving $50 for a service they didn't receive last week.

LPD: Fake DIRECTV salesperson scam

Investigators with Lexington Police says a man sold several families deals on DirecTV, posing as an official salesperson.

Scam Alert: Attorney General warns of scam targeting seniors

The Attorney General and the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Department for Aging and Independent Living is warning of a reported scam targeting Kentucky’s seniors.

UK March Madness tickets a hot commodity

Solid Blue fans are gearing up for the big game on Thursday when UK will take on either Manhattan or Hampton University during the second round of the NCAA tournament in Louisville.

KSP warns of phone scam

Kentucky State Police say a phone scam is making the rounds, soliciting donations for fallen police officers.

Police warn of kidnapping scam

Police say at least three people have received scam phone calls from someone claiming to have kidnapped their children.

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