Money Transfer Scams result in MoneyGram Settlement

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) — Kentuckians who were tricked into sending money to scammers via MoneyGram may be eligible to receive financial restitution, announced Attorney General Andy Beshear.


MoneyGram Payment Systems agreed to pay a total of $13 million to the individuals across many states who were scammed through their system. Officials say a third party will review

MoneyGram records and send notices to Kentuckians who can receive restitution under this settlement.


“Over the last six weeks we have seen a rise in the number of scams bombarding Kentuckians,” Beshear said. “As part of these scams, con artists use a wide variety of ways to persuade consumers to wire money, just as they did surrounding the investigation and settlement with MoneyGram. Besides providing restitution to Kentuckians, the company will now have effective anti-fraud measures to prevent Kentuckians from suffering financial losses as a result of these fraud induced money transfers.”

“Consumers who are contacted about a grandchild, friend or family member in distress should reach out separately to the friend or family members to independently verify that the relative is actually in need of the assistance.”

Beshear said consumers who receive messages from strangers promising big winnings should toss those letters in the trash, delete the e-mail or hang up the phone.

More information about this settlement is available at

If you are concerned your family member has been targeted for one of these scams through MoneyGram, you can email

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