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Friday, July 10, 2020
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Tag: Phone Scams

Utility customers warned of scams

Management says someone is calling from an 800 number posing as a Kentucky Utilities employee and telling customers their meter has to be replaced.

AGs Double Down on Efforts to Stop Scam Calls

AGs are doubling down on recent, successful efforts with phone companies to stop scam calls.

Perryville FD phone scam in Boyle County

The Perryville Fire Department is warning people about a phone scam designed to steal your personal information.

“Can You Hear Me?”- Better Business Bureau

Heather Clary of the Better Business Bureau Serving Central & Eastern Kentucky stops by to warn us about a pretty unusual phone scam where a simple "yes" can tricks victims into authorizing unwanted charges.

Laurel sheriff: Several phone scams reported in community

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department says it's getting reports of several different phone scams in the area.

Lexington Police Warn Of Two Phone Scams

Lexington Police warned people of two phone scams involving debit and credit cards.

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New mandatory mask requirement sparks some criticism and praise

Governor Andy Beshear is now requiring mostly everyone to wear a mask with limited exceptions.

AG, GOP legislative leaders critical of Beshear’s mask order

The attorney general and Republican legislative leadership called the governor's mandatory mask order an "order by edict rather than through collaboration."

Police body cameras: Committee weighs value vs. cost

Law enforcement across the state talks value