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Beshear administration hands over records sought by media

The Beshear administration says it handed over records that Matt Bevin had sought to keep secret.

Senate president suggests creating pardons commission

Senate President Robert Stivers predicts lawmakers will try to modify the pardon process.

Kentucky clinic given OK to apply for abortion license

Officials in the state are inviting a Planned Parenthood clinic to apply for a license to perform abortions.
Matt Bevin

Bills respond to Bevin’s flurry of last-minute pardons

Bills have been introduced to put checks on gubernatorial pardon powers and ensure victims are notified before their assailants are pardoned.

KY attorney general officially requests FBI investigate Bevin’s pardons

Two lawmakers say they received a letter from Attorney General Daniel Cameron saying he requested the FBI investigate Bevin's pardons.
Matt Bevin

U.S. Attorney raises concerns over Bevin’s controversial pardons

The U.S. Attorney's Office for Kentucky's Western District says it could seek federal charges against pardon recipients.

Beshear reverses ruling on teacher “sickouts”

Beshear says almost 1,000 teachers were wrongly accused of violating state labor laws and were threatened with fines of up to $1,000 per violation.

Critics attack Bevin’s pardon of man convicted of child rape

Matt Bevin defended his controversial pardon of a man convicted of raping a child by saying there was no physical evidence of the assault.

Beshear joins critics of predecessor’s spree of pardons

Gov. Andy Beshear has spoken out against his predecessor's spree of pardons.  

Kentucky lawmaker wants to restrict governor’s pardoning powers

Former governor Matt Bevin spent his final days in office commuting the sentences of several people convicted of heinous crimes, sparking statewide outrage.

Death row inmate has sentence commuted to life in prison

A death row inmate from Lexington is spared from possible execution but could still die in prison after having his sentence commuted to life by outgoing governor Matt Bevin.

Man who killed couple in DUI crash has sentence commuted

Before leaving the governor's office, Matt Bevin commuted the 20-year prison sentence of a man who killed a pastor and his wife in a drunk driving crash.

Bevin commutes Knox County man’s reckless homicide sentence

Former Governor Matt Bevin pardoned and commuted the sentence for more than 400 convicts within his final days in office and one of those convicts is a man who was pardoned of reckless homicide.

Governor’s Christmas Tree Lighting on Saturday

The Governor's Christmas Tree Lighting at the State Capitol is scheduled for Saturday evening.
Passport Health Plan Medicaid

Passport Health Plan not given new KY contract for Medicaid

The Bevin administration has dropped Louisville’s Passport Health Plan in awarding $8 billion annually in Medicaid contracts.

Kentucky lieutenant governor says she didn’t vote for Bevin

Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton, who was kicked off Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s ticket when he unsuccessfully sought reelection this year, says she didn’t vote for him.

KY Lieutenant Gov. appealing ruling in suit against governor

Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled that the governor has “superseding authority” to hire and fire the lieutenant governor’s staff.

Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron appoints Steve Pitt to special adviser role

Pitt has nearly 50 years of legal experience, and since 2015 has served as Bevin’s general counsel.

Bevin concedes in Kentucky governor’s race

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin says he will not contest results.

Kentucky Governor Election officials to double-check vote totals

Election officials across Kentucky are preparing to double-check vote totals that show Republican Gov. Matt Bevin trailing Democrat Andy Beshear by more than 5,000 votes.

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