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fraudulent Medicare and Kentucky Medicaid

Reversal: Kentucky restoring Medicaid benefits for thousands

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's administration says it's reinstating dental and vision care for hundreds of thousands of Medicaid recipients who...

Gov. Bevin criticized for social media post

"Out of touch", "racist." Those are some of the words, and phrases being heard in response to a video posted by Governor Matt Bevin.

Beshear announces candidacy for Governor

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) - Attorney General Andy Beshear officially entered the governor's race Monday. "As you're governor, I will listen, especially to those who disagree...

Bevin lawyer asking judge in pension case to step aside

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - An attorney for Gov. Matt Bevin is asking a judge to consider disqualifying himself from hearing a lawsuit over Kentucky's...

Governor launches new apprenticeship pilot program

Governor Bevin announced the launch of a new apprenticeship pilot program on Tuesday which will help students interested in a state government career gain on-the-job skills and opportunities.
Matt Bevin

Kentucky governor calls state judge ‘incompetent hack’

Kentucky's Republican governor says a judge who ruled against him is an incompetent hack.

Judge denies Gov. Bevin’s request to depose plaintiffs in pension lawsuit

The fight over whether or not the new public pension law is legal raged on in court Monday.
Matt Bevin

Kentucky governor’s home, land value increase to $2.9m

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's home and the 10 acres where it sits are now valued at $2.9 million

Teachers hold #Blackout in protest of Gov. Bevin

Teachers across the state dressed in black on Monday to protest Governor Matt Bevin's controversial comments on Friday's teacher rally in Frankfort.

Governor Bevin apologizes: not good enough for some

He apologized, but many feel that apology wasn't for the words he said, but the pain and confusion they caused.

AG Beshear filed lawsuit to stop pension reform law

As expected, Attorney General Andy Beshear is suing to stop the pension reform law signed Tuesday by Governor Matt Bevin.

Amid teacher protests, Kentucky governor signs pension bill

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's Republican governor has signed a bill into law that makes changes to the state's troubled public pension systems over...
Matt Bevin

Governor vetoes bill to help agencies leave pension system

Kentucky's Republican governor has vetoed a bill that would make it easier for agencies to leave the state's troubled retirement system.

Kentucky districts call off classes due to teacher absences

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's largest public school districts are closed due to widespread absences Friday among teachers angered by the Legislature's passage of...

“This is not a tantrum”: teachers fire back at Governor

Teachers out protesting the pension bill Thursday are fighting back against the Governor for calling them "selfish" and "uninformed".

Teachers spar with lawmakers as pension bill passes committee

Kentucky's republican-backed pension reform bill cleared its first hurdle in Frankfort Wednesday.

Kentucky governor auctions chance to implode building

Kentucky's Republican governor is auctioning off the chance to push the plunger to implode a 28-story government building, with all proceeds benefiting a charity for foster children started by his wife.

Gov. Bevin Calls for Criminal Justice Reform

With Kentucky's prison population continuing to rise, lawmakers are looking for ways to get some people the help they need rather than putting them behind bars.

Lawmakers call for action in wake of gun violence

The shooting in Florida has again sparked discussion among lawmakers here in Kentucky on what can be done on a legislative level to try and prevent violence like this.
Industrial Hemp, UK Industrial Hemp Research Farm

Hemp operation to create 271 jobs in Bourbon Co.

AgTech Scientific plans to create 271 jobs at a new hemp-products development and manufacturing center in Paris as it forges relationships with Kentucky farmers and partners on research projects with the states flagship university, Gov. Matt Bevin announced today. 

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