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Search crews find lost hikers in Wolfe County

Search crews in Wolfe County rescued lost hikers Saturday night.
Red River Gorge

Lost hikers found at Red River Gorge

The Wolfe County Search and Rescue says they were able to locate three lost hikers in the Red River Gorge Monday evening around 7.

Hiker in Wolfe County rescued after suffering heat exhaustion

Wolfe County Search and Rescue helps hiker suffering from heat exhaustion.

Hikers and campers asked to use caution in heavy rain

Powell County Search and Rescue is warning hikers and campers in the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge to be cautious with heavy rain forecast on Friday and into the Labor Day weekend.

Two people rescued from Hall’s Falls

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office two men were hiking at Hall’s Falls Monday afternoon when they slipped and fell.
Powell, Rescue, Red, River, Gorge

Two hikers lost, then found in Red River Gorge

Powell Co. Search and Rescue teamed up with Menifee Fire and Rescue to locate two lost hikers and their dog in the Indian Creek area.

Kentucky Hikers Lose Beloved Dog ‘Tillie’ Of Indian Fort

Kentucky hikers are mourning the loss of a very special, four-legged friend. The well-known border collie mix 'Tillie' of Indian Fort died Tuesday afternoon in Berea.

Update: Hikers Rescued from Whitley-Laurel Line

.Four people were rescued near the Laurel Lake spillway. Three hikers became trapped when the flood gates closed and water began to rise behind them, cutting them off.

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