Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Safety

March 1st-7th is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kentucky

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There was a statewide tornado drill at 10:07 a.m. Tuesday, and the ABC 36 Storm Team focus of the day was tornado safety.

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It is important to prepare ahead of time before a tornado strikes. Make sure you are signed up for local emergency alerts on your cell phone. Also, you need more than one way to receive alerts outside of your cell phone. You can receive severe weather alerts on our ABC 36 station, Wireless Emergency Alerts on local radio, and on the ABC 36 app.

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When a Tornado Warning is issued there are four main places you may find yourself. Those places include your home, your workplace/school, outside, or a vehicle are all places.

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  • If you are in your home, the best place you can be is the most interior part of your basement. If you don’t have a basement, the most interior room within your home away from any exterior doors or windows is the next best spot. It is important to designate this spot ahead of time. Keep blankets, a spare mattress, and any old bike/baseball helmets in this spot. Use these items for added protection incase your home is hit by the tornado.
  • If you are at your workplace or school, be sure to follow the tornado procedures provided to you ahead of time. Remember to stay ahead from any windows. In buildings like this it is important to stay away from large rooms such as cafeterias or gymnasiums.
  • If you find yourself outside and see the tornado approaching, find the nearest sturdy building.
  • If you are in a vehicle, leave the vehicle and find the nearest study shelter. If you are not near a study shelter, find the nearest ditch or ravine.

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Stay with the ABC 36 Storm Team throughout Severe Weather Awareness Week for more tips to keep you safe during severe weather events.

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