Pizza delivery drivers braving the cold

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – When temperatures reach below freezing and schools begin to close, most families make it a point to stay inside where it’s warm.

Because of that, the weather hurts some businesses, but Big City Pizza in Lexington says they actually benefit.

“The worse the weather is outside, the busier we are. When you look out the window, the less you want to go outside, the busier we are delivering pizzas.”

Who would want to leave the comfort of their home when a large piping hot pizza is just a phone call away?

“I don’t blame them, I would order pizza if i was at home, because it’s just too cold to go out and I would pay somebody a tip to have their breathe taken away then have mine taken away.”

Big City Pizza delivery driver says no matter how cold it is outside, he is always prepared, but sometimes the bad weather comes with a reward.

“Just got a great tip down at Greg Paige apartments, those guys were goofing around with me about how cold it is outside then they tipped me great so people give you a little extra for it.”

But despite the arctic blast and the possibility of frostbite in 30 minutes, many who work outside have to brave the conditions to make a living.

“Luckily right now its not snowing and everything isn’t covered in ice, generally that’s the biggest challenge, so when its just ice cold like this, its really not so bad.”

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