Crews keep busy clearing neighborhood roads

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Crews in Lexington are doing their best to finish clearing all the roads by Thursday morning.

Officials with Lexington’s Streets and Roads Division credit the sunny weather we saw Wednesday for their ability to get crews out to these neighborhood roads.

They say the day shift drivers focused all of their energy on clearing as many of the smaller roads as possible.

Officials say they hope to have everything cleared and treated by the time everyone wakes up Thursday morning.

“It’s projected that we’ll be in the 30’s tomorrow. So hopefully all this stuff will go away and I think everybody will be happy for a rest. Gosh I think this is the ninth day in a row many of us have worked with the six days of 12 hours so yeah it’ll be time,” said Rob Allen with Lexington’s Streets and Roads Division.

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