Ben Carson visits Lexington, speaks on Marshall County shooting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Countless politicians have come forward offering their condolences to those affected by Tuesday’s shooting.

During a stop in Lexington on Thursday, Governor Matt Bevin along with Representative Andy Barr and H.U.D. Secretary Ben Carson talked about what they think can be done to prevent violence like this from happening again.

The three republican politicians were in Lexington to tour the Hope Center and discuss homeless prevention but in a news conference afterwards all weighed in on the shooting in Marshall County.

When asked what ideas he had for preventing school shootings, now Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said their was no simple solution to gun violence.

“We have to recognize that, just like addiction, there are issues going on in those peoples lives that cause them to want to harm somebody else. So again we have to start looking at these things holistically,” said Sec. Carson.

The Secretary says the first place to look is in the home.

“I think there needs to be more emphasis on the home and where the children actually get their values from and we’ve talked about how do we use data, how do we use evidence to inform our policies,” said Sec. Carson.

Rep. Andy Barr agreed, adding Congress has passed bills in the past but more needs to be done.

“Helping families and mental health crisis act, that legislation that became law at the end of last year was precisely to try to identify warning signs so that we can intervene sooner and clearly we’ve got to continue to work with our mental health agencies to help them identify these situations before they end in tragedy,” said Rep. Barr.

At the state level here in Kentucky, lawmakers just filed a bill to allow all school to have an armed marshal on campus.

The sponsors of the bill say it would give schools an added element of safety.

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