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Trump’s barbed comments upset British hosts

There’s a character called Don Logan, played by Ben Kingsley in the British film “Sexy Beast” — a bullying and mercurial individual who wreaks havoc on the life of a retired former underworld cohort when he visits him in exile in Spain. He intimidates, humiliates, taunts and worse. He is a most unwelcome house guest.

Teachers hold #Blackout in protest of Gov. Bevin

Teachers across the state dressed in black on Monday to protest Governor Matt Bevin's controversial comments on Friday's teacher rally in Frankfort.

Teachers and lawmakers react to Bevin’s comments

Governor Matt Bevin is making national headlines for comments about teachers Friday that some are calling "spiteful" and "disgusting".

Ben Carson visits Lexington, speaks on Marshall County shooting

Countless politicians have come forward offering their condolences to those affected by Tuesday's shooting.
It's About Kids

Substitute teacher removed from school in Lexington

A substitute teacher was escorted out of Northern Elementary School in Lexington on Wednesday after reportedly making inappropriate comments to students, according to Fayette County Public Schools.

McConnell says he won’t revisit Trump comments

The Senate's top Republican isn't interested in rehashing contentious comments President-elect Donald Trump made about Hispanics during the campaign.
Governor, Matt Bevinvideo

UPDATE: Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper to call for Bevin impeachment over bloodshed comments

Remarks made by Governor Matt Bevin over the weekend are getting a lot of attention on line.
Harambe, Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo Twitter accounts gone amid Harambe comments

The Twitter accounts of an Ohio zoo targeted by online critics and trolls over the shooting of a gorilla have been taken down.
Judge-executive, Stephen, Wood

Grant County official apologizes for crass comments

A Grant County official has apologized for making comments that members of the public decried as sexist.
Chris Christie

Christie says Rand Paul being ‘particularly sensitive’

Gov. Chris Christie has a message for one of his potential rivals in the 2016 presidential contest: toughen up.
computer keyboard typing online hands

Kentucky Board of Education seeks feedback in search

The Kentucky Board of Education is asking the public to help decide what to look for in a new state education commissioner.
Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd fires back over online threats, comments

Actress and Kentucky Wildcats fan Ashley Judd is firing back at those who posted threats and hateful comments online after she tweeted that she thought Arkansas was playing dirty in its SEC basketball matchup with her alma mater.

Jefferson judge reprimanded for comments in court

A Jefferson district judge has been publicly reprimanded by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission for making inappropriate comments in court.

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