Work Begins on Trinity Gay Mural

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Monday night work started on the mural of 15-year-old Trinity Gay. It has been about a month since Gay was shot to death outside Cookout in downtown Lexington. It had a big impact on the community. Many vowed to do what they could to end gun violence in Lexington. One artist is taking that promise to the next level, permanently painting it at Whitaker Bank Ball Park.

“These kids had dreams. Every single person that’s been gunned down in the street had something to do the next day that they didn’t get to do,” graffiti artist Dani Greene said.

She says she has had enough of kids shooting each other, and Trinity Gay’s murder was a last straw of sorts. Greene says she went to school with Trinity’s father, Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay. Now, she hopes the mural of Trinity she is creating, based on a photo from the 15-year-old’s mother, will speak to kids in Lexington.

“There’s nobody speaking about it. There’s nobody doing anything for it. They’re not creating something for youth in the community to do,” Greene said.

Greene says there is so much more kids could be doing than hanging around with guns. She says she wants to see them pick up a different kind of gun, a can of spray paint.

“You give them something that might inspire them. Like there’s a lot of kids interested in graffiti. They want to know how to do it. Well, come out and take a class,” Greene invited.

Pass the baton is the message, from Trinity’s family, that Greene wants to share with kids. It is what the mural will say.

“She’s passing the baton to different victims to speak, get their word out there,” Greene said.

As Greene started the mural Monday, people could not help, but express their appreciation as they walked by.

One woman hugged Greene and told her she made her birthday. Later, a couple stopped by to tell Greene she was doing a great thing. Already, the mural is inspiring people to be better, exactly the kind of light Greene wants to spray on Lexington kids.

“I don’t hope for anything. I know that it’ll change their mind,” Greene said.

The artist says she expects the mural to be done sometime next week. She says this is just the first; she wants to cover the city with murals of gun violence victims.

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