Winchester PD: Counterfeit bills being passed at businesses

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Winchester Police Department is warning businesses, banks, and the general public of counterfeit $20 dollar bills that have been being passed around.

Officers say the bills are of such a quality, that they’re passing counterfeit ink pen tests.  In the photo above, the $20 dollar bill on top is a counterfeit bill, while the one on the bottom is legitimate currency.

Police say the best way to identify the counterfeit money is by looking for the faint portrait of Andrew Jackson’s face above the “20” on the front of the bill.


Winchester Police say that, when held up to light, a faint ghost-like portrait of Andrew Jackson will appear above the “20” on a legitimate U.S. Currency $20 dollar bill. The portrait is visible from either side. (Photo Courtesy: Winchester Police Dept.)

Officers also say that the ink on the “20” of one of the bogus bills will remain the same color regardless of how it’s viewed.  Legitimate $20’s have color-shifting ink, that will change color when viewed from different angles.

Officers are asking anyone who comes into possession of the counterfeit money to please call them.


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