WHAS grant secures iPads for students with disabilities

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Thanks to a grant from WHAS Crusade for Children, every MSD teacher in Fayette County Public Schools has received a brand-new iPad for use with students who have moderate to severe disabilities. This initiative will impact almost 400 students across the district.

“We want to give you the gift of technology for your students. You’re passionate people, and we wanted to honor that,” said Michelle Cannoy, an associate director in Special Education, who made the announcement March 21 before a PLC (professional learning community) gathering.

The teachers were pleased by the news and the iPads’ potential for their classes. “Most of our students are highly motivated by technology, so it’ll increase their performance across different areas and settings,” said Jennifer Karl of host Cassidy Elementary.

Cannoy and colleague Carey Creech-Galloway secured the $25,000 grant from WHAS, and Special Education Director Amanda Dennis designated additional district funds to ensure a total of 60 iPads with educational applications could be purchased – covering every MSD classroom in elementary, middle, and high schools. The middle/high devices include apps for everyday life skills, too. “We’re hoping this is not just for academics but also for functional skills,” Creech-Galloway noted.

Creech-Galloway, Lisa Riickert, and Lorraine Thomas make up the MSD leadership team, and Brice Jones is the teachers’ tech support for the iPads and other technology issues.

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