WEIGH IN: How are Central Kentuckians planning to spend the latest stimulus?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The latest round of stimulus payments are intended to be spent locally to help with rebuilding the economy.

But, as Americans saw with the first two rounds of stimulus checks, many squirrel it away instead.

Friday morning on our ABC 36 Facebook page we asked what you are doing with yours.

Comments included saving as expected, some people say they’re going to invest, while others say they’re spending it on repairs or new big ticket items like a couch.

A lot of others commented however they have not received theirs yet.

If you’re one of those people. You can click here to go to the IRS “Get my Payment” function.

The Internal Revenue Service has sent roughly 127 million stimulus payments out in the past two weeks, but some of the lowest-income Social Security recipients are among those still waiting to get the money.

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