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Tax extension deadline expires Tuesday

Tuesday is the extension deadline for 2018 tax filings.

House Democrats ask IRS to provide Trump’s tax returns

A new battle is brewing between President Donald Trump and House Democrats, this time over the president's tax returns.

Kentucky AG Andy Beshear: Tax return time is peak season for scammers

As Kentuckians begin electronically filing their state and federal income taxes, Attorney General Andy Beshear is asking them to be prepared for an increase in scams calls.

Some recalled IRS workers can stay off the job

Several hundred of the 46,000 furloughed IRS employees recalled to work last week have gotten permission to stay off the job because of financial hardship.

The shutdown today: IRS recalls about 46,000 workers

The Internal Revenue Service is recalling about 46,000 of its employees furloughed by the partial government shutdown to handle tax returns and pay out refunds. For now, they’ll have to work without pay.

KY federal employees protest government shutdown

More than 100 people who work at the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies showed up to demonstrate outside the IRS Service Center.
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London physician sentenced to 4 years for tax crimes

Federal officials say a London physician was sentenced to three years in prison for falsely reporting his income on tax documents presented to the IRS.

Kentucky prepares for individual income tax season

Revenue department preparing for tax season.
Scam Alert

Beshear warns of IRS scams

Attorney General Andy Beshear issued a scam alert Thursday to help Kentucky families avoid falling victim to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scams.
Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT: Beware bogus IRS caller

Kentucky State Police Post are warning the public of a scam that is not new, but has resurfaced in the area.

Spotting IRS Phone Scams – BBB 11-2

While a crackdown in India removed an operation trucking in scam IRS calls in the United States, it doesn't mean that the scam will disappear entirely. Heather Clary, with the Better Business Bureau offers a refresher course in recognizing the hallmarks of a phony IRS phone scam.

PHONE SCAM: Laurel Co. Sheriff warns residents of bogus IRS calls

The Laurel County Sheriff is warning residents about a phone scam making the rounds in the region.

‘CKEEP’ program makes income tax numbers add up

Free income tax preparation program led by United Way of the Bluegrass saving people time and money.

Nicholasville Family Target of IRS Scam

Imagine getting a call from the IRS saying you owed money. Not just a few bucks, but nearly $10,000 in back taxes.

IRS Phone Scam – Better Business Bureau 5-4

Heather Clary, with the Better Business Bureau, joins ABC 36's Lauren Gawthrop to talk about a phone scam making it's rounds in the region.

SCAM ALERT: KSP says to beware of bogus IRS agent

Kentucky State Police say they are receiving reports out of Knox Co. of a phone scam.

Laurel sheriff: Several phone scams reported in community

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department says it's getting reports of several different phone scams in the area.

SCAM ALERT: KSP cites two phone scams in London area

Kentucky State Police in London are warning residents in the area to beware of two phone scams making the rounds.

KSP: Careful of IRS scam phone calls

The IRS will never contact anyone by phone.

Last few days of kynect open enrollment.

According to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the deadline to enroll in kynect coverage is at midnight on Sunday, January 31. This leaves only two days to enroll.

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