Watching the water

PERRYVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – With a threat of more rain just days after the river flooded, many people in Perryville are keeping a close eye on the water.

The mayor says it seems the Chaplin River floods nearly every time Boyle County gets a lot of rain.

“It rises pretty quick because it comes from upstream and all that comes right here,” said Mayor Anne Sleet.

Christmas morning was no exception. Mayor Sleet says the rain started early Friday morning and just a few hours later the water was past the banks.

Roads were temporarily closed because of water but Mayor Sleet says no homes were flooded and no one was hurt.

With more rain expected in the area on Monday, Mayor Sleet is watching the water.

“It’s really scary and its really frightful and it really bothers me,” said Mayor Sleet. “I want to make sure everybody’s safe.”

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