VIDEO: Deputy dragged by suspected car thief

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department is asking for your help in tracking down a suspect they say dragged a deputy with a truck while trying to escape arrest.

The Sheriff says his deputy, Brian Wooldridge is lucky to have walked away with just scraps and bruises after he was dragged down this road while trying to stop 33-year-old Zackery Jones of Versailles from driving off in an alleged stolen truck.

Take a close look at this surveillance video and you can see Deputy Wooldridge walking up to what the sheriff’s department says is Jones sitting in a stolen truck.

As Deputy Wooldridge gets closer you can see the truck starts to pull out, Deputy Wooldridge reaches into the truck to try and stop it and is dragged before he’s forced to let go and crashes to the ground.

The sheriff’s department says this happen last week near Francis Recycling in Lawrenceburg.

Jones was reportedly trying to scrap the stolen truck when Deputy Wooldridge confronted him.

Deputies say Jones is suspected of stealing several cars in the area.

They say they believe he may have dumped the truck seen in this video and stole another car to get away.

The Anderson County Sheriff asks anyone with information on Jones’ whereabouts to call your local law enforcement.

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