Technology Experts Looking for Recruits as Cyber Attacks Occur Overseas and in the US

More technology experts needed as companies are boots on the ground to combat cyber attacks

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ) – A lot of industries have the ‘help wanted’ sign out, including cyber security.  The industry says there’s a shortage of more than 500-thousand information security professionals in the u-s alone and more than four-million globally.  Experts say that’s one of the reasons hackers are so prevalent and successful. On Tuesday night, several area companies are partnered with the University of Kentucky to address the worker shortage.  This comes amidst fears of cyber attacks.  Justin Perron, is the CEO of 13 Layers, a Kentucky-based managed cyber security services company. Every day, Perron’s company monitors existing malicious traffic that’s communicating with someone’s network. While the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is happening overseas, experts like Perron are boots are on the ground in cyberspace.

“People in the information security world are..Teaming up and actually joining a volunteer..Cyber attacking army to counter attack some of the cyber attacks Russia’s been putting on Ukraine..And other allied nations like us,” says Perron.

Perron says trouble here at home can be just a tap of a touchscreen away.

“We see a lot more of those social media type fishing attacks. Before fishing was an email and then it turned to text and now I’m advising people you got to watch your LinkedIn. There are LinkedIn profiles that are very fake that are trying to get you to do one thing only and that’s a click a link.”

If this happens to you, you always confirm with the source of that email or message.  For your home computers, it might be a good idea to install an antivirus or endpoint detection and response software agent, and keep it running and updated.  If it’s in your budget, experts also recommend paying for ransomware protection.
There are free options as well such as the website This website allows you type in your email to see if there’s been any data breaches..

“If your password for that email address has not changed since 2019 on a website like Canva and you are using that in other places, you’re in trouble so change your password,” explains Perron.

While Changing your password and then trying to remember them is inconvenient, Perron says what’s more inconvenient is getting hacked and having your data stolen from you.

Other free resources to try out (use if a data breach occurs and or if you receive a message asking you to click a link)



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