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Tags Data Breach

Tag: Data Breach

Woman arrested in massive Capital One data breach, impacting over 100 million people

A Seattle-area woman was arrested on Monday morning in connection with a newly-disclosed Capital One data breach that impacted more than 100 million people.

Health records company to pay state thousands over data breach

Andy Beshear says a reported 2015 data breach that compromised the data of 69,000 Kentuckians will result in the Commonwealth receiving thousands of dollars from an electronic health records company.

KY among state affected by Rally’s data breach

The company says close to 100 Rally's and Checkers locations in 20 states are involved in a data breach, including three Kentucky locations.

Neiman Marcus to pay Kentucky for 2013 data breach

Kentucky was one of 43 states and the District of Columbia included in a lawsuit involving 77 Neiman Marcus stores.

So you stayed at a Starwood hotel: Tips on data breach

The breach affects only the hotel brands operated by Starwood before Marriott bought it in 2016.

Uber agrees to $148M settlement with states over data breach

Uber has agreed to pay $148 million and take steps to tighten data security, after the ride-hailing company failed for a year to notify drivers that hackers had stolen their personal information.

Kentucky to receive $663K in settlement with Uber

The settlement is over a 2016 nationwide data breach that exposed license information of 600,000 of its drivers.

Proposed legislation would protect Kentuckians following Equifax data breach

Legislation to be proposed in Frankfort to protect Kentuckians following Equifax data breach.

AG warns Kentuckians of Equifax data breach

AG warns Kentuckians of data breach.

Four-star Kentucky hotel: Data breach could affect guests

A four-star Kentucky hotel has discovered a data breach threatening guests' credit card information.

GP: Suspicious vehicle prompts secure WIFI network alert in Georgetown

A suspicious vehicle in a Georgetown neighborhood prompted police to alert the community to secure their wi-fi accounts.

Data breach at KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources says there has been a data breach at the organization, and some of its customers' information was illegally accessed.

KSU hit with data breach

A message from Kentucky State University president Raymond Burse says that the school suffered a data breach on March 22.

Kmart Becomes Latest Retailer Hit By Data Theft

It was announced Friday that there was a data breach at Kmart stores that began last month and that certain customers' credit and debit card accounts may have been hacked.

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