Teachers rally for a solution to the pension reform

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Teachers are fired up about pension reform, and rallies across the state, continue to pop up. Thursday evening Woodford County High School held a rally. The state faces a 33-billion dollar pension shortfall, over 30 years, and Governor Matt Bevin wants to switch incoming state workers to a 401k style plan.

Nothing has been voted on yet, but teachers want to make their voices heard.

One event organizer says they aren’t coming together to rally for a pension, but to talk about what the next step is.

“Well I think there is always a solution and I believe Governor Bevin thinks his solution is no other choice but that.”

The audience along with attending law makers explored options of possibly raising taxes on tobacco and even legalizing marijuana.

All in attendance were very vocal about their views.

“I feel angry, I feel sadness, and this is not just about my pension, I feel like we all have to stick together, I don’t like the approach of divide and conquer.”

The Kentucky Education Association President set the theme of the evening, by saying the pension issue is not hurting the teachers, but hurting the kids.

“The kids need dependable committed individuals that are going to be there for the long haul and teaching is hard. not anyone can do these jobs and frankly we can’t find enough people to do these jobs now.”

One person in the audience said they are afraid this is the beginning of the end of public education. There are over 13,000 teachers up for retirement in the state this year, and that is a fourth of the teachers in the state.

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