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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Tag: voter turnout

Kentucky voter registration booms, turnout numbers rising

Surge in registration came in final month.

Voter Turnout expected to be on target

Anyone in line by 6 p.m. was permitted to vote. 

Unofficial vote totals for 2019 primary election

Unofficial results for Tuesday's Primary Election reflect 658,979  ballots cast out of 3,421,796 registered voters.  

Record voter turnout across the nation

Citizens waited in long lines to cast their votes for a record-setting voter turnout today in Kentucky and across the nation.

Large voter turnout expected in Kentucky for next week’s election

Of Kentucky's 3.4 million registered voters, 46 percent are expected to head to the polls on Tuesday, November 6.

Voter turnout could be one of the highest since 2010

The stream of people in and out of the polls has been steady all day... which could be a sign that the secretary of state’s prediction of high voter turnout is coming true.

Grimes predicts 30 percent turnout for Kentucky primaries

Kentucky's chief election official is predicting the highest voter turnout in nearly a decade for next week's primaries.

High voter turnout, increased calls for voter registration in Fayette County

The Fayette County Clerk's Office says voter turnout is high and their phone lines are also busy with calls to confirm voter registration.

Grimes predicts 10 percent turnout for Tuesday’s primary

One of every 10 registered voters in Kentucky is expected to vote in Tuesday's primary elections.

Voter Turnout Lower Than Low Predictions

Voter turnout in Fayette County was 22.7%

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