Voter turnout for Nov. 2nd Special Elections expected to be low

Laurel County Court Clerk, Tony Brown says only a few absentee ballots have been turned in so far.

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Three seats are up for grabs in the Kentucky General Assembly, a seat in the 22nd Senate District, and the 51st and 89th House Districts.

For the 89th House District…people in Jackson County, and parts of Laurel and Madison Counties will vote either Democrat Mae Suramek or Republican Timmy Truett to fill the vacant seat, but according to Laurel County Court Clerk Tony Brown, the county doesn’t expect to see many votes.

“With the precincts we have in Laurel County, the total number of voters is just over 7,000. I’d say we would be lucky to see 1,000 or 1,200 votes” said Brown.

Only 9 of the 45 precincts in the county will get to vote in the special election, Brown says only a few absentee ballots have been turned in so far.

“This wasn’t planned a year ahead of more with the candidates, they have only had a few weeks to get ready for this election and campaign with the public, so you don’t get as much enthusiasm or as much knowledge about the election going on as you would with a normal election” added Brown.

Those living in parts of Southern Fayette and and all of Jessamine, Garrard, Mercer and Washington Counties will vote either Democrat Helen Bukulmez, Republican Donald Douglas, or Independent Sid Dunn into the 22nd Senate District seat.

The winner will fill the remainder of the term of the late Republican Tom Buford, which runs through 2022.

Jessamine County Court Clerk, Johnny Collier, says there has not been a lot of interest from voters so far, but they are preparing for the election like they would any other.

Fayette County Court Clerk, Don Blevins, says the county has received 25 absentee ballots at this time, that “We typically see extremely low voter turnout for special elections that are not county wide” said Blevins.

He says only 9 precincts are able to vote this week.

He hopes for better turnout but expects it to be very low.

No excuse needed early voting begins October 28th and runs through the 30th. The deadline to return absentee ballots is election day on November 2nd.

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