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Bevin administration again ordered to release Braidy records

Gov. Bevin's administration has been ordered again to release records about Braidy Industries, which is partly owned by the state and plans to build an aluminum mill in Kentucky.
Death Penalty

Case: Should 18- to 21-year-olds be eligible for execution

Kentucky's Supreme Court has delved into a case revolving around whether the death penalty should apply to defendants who committed their crimes between the ages of 18 and 21.
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Supreme Court says nonprofit must pay pension liability

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that a nonprofit mental health provider can't use bankruptcy to escape its financial obligations to the state pension system.

Printer who nixed gay pride shirt goes to Ky. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments from attorneys and will issue a ruling at a later date.

Gay pride T-shirt case going before Kentucky Supreme Court

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the arguments on Friday will help the court decide whether or not the company, Hands on Originals, violated a Lexington ordinance.

Supporters of Marsy’s Law want KY Supreme Court to rehear case

Marsy's Law for Kentucky is asking the court allow the question be placed on the 2020 ballot with the full text of the proposed amendment available to voters at each precinct.

Kentucky Supreme Court upholds man’s murder conviction

The Bowling Green Daily News reports George Walker's sentence was upheld last week.
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Kentucky Supreme Court rules governor can re-organize state boards

The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld Governor Matt Bevin's reorganization of state boards and committees that oversee public education.

KY Supreme Court strikes down Marsy’s Law

On Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court upheld that decision, saying the language on the ballot was too vague and that the full text of the amendment should have been presented to voters.
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Court hears arguments in case pitting Bevin against Beshear

The fight is over Governor. Matt Bevin's executive action overhauling several state boards that oversee public education.
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Bevin makes appointment to Kentucky Supreme Court

Gov. Matt Bevin has appointed the Honorable David Cowan Buckingham to the office of Justice for the First Supreme Court District of Kentucky.
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Nominees announced for KY Supreme Court vacancy

The Judicial Nominating Commission has announced nominees to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat in the 1st Supreme Court District. The district is composed of 24 Western Kentucky counties.
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Bill seeks to send big legal cases to statewide judges

The Senate passed a bill to allow state officials to bypass having their legal cases heard by a circuit judge criticized by Gov. Matt Bevin.

Kentucky justices review ‘Marsy’s Law’ ballot language

Kentucky justices review 'Marsy's Law' ballot language

Appellate judge announces run for Supreme Court seat

Appellate judge announces run for Supreme Court seat

AG celebrates pension victory, Gov. observes “sad day” in Kentucky

Less than a month before it would've gone into effect, the Kentucky Supreme Court has struck down the controversial pension reform law teachers and other public employees protested last spring.

Reaction to KY Supreme Court ruling on pension reform law

Politicians and organizations are reacting the the Kentucky Supreme Court's ruling that SB 151 is unconstitutional.

Court nixes pension law that prompted teacher protests

On Thursday, the court ruled the law unconstitutional because the legislature didn't vote on it three times over three separate days as the state constitution requires.

KY Supreme Court strikes down medical review panels, upholds right-to-work law

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The Latest on rulings from the Kentucky Supreme Court (all times local): 11:15 a.m. The Kentucky Supreme Court...
Governor, Matt Bevin, Attorney General, Andy Beshear

Pension arguments to be aired on statewide television

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the Supreme Court is partnering with Kentucky Educational Television to broadcast the arguments on September 20th.

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