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Monday, July 13, 2020
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National Registered Dietitians Day

Alyson Layne-Davidson, Dietitian and Jenny Preston, Nutritionist tell Eric Burke about National Registered Dietitians Day. They also discussed their commitment to improving the health...

Health issues at forefront of Black History Month event in Frankfort

Health was the focus of a Black History Month event at the state capitol in Frankfort on Tuesday.

Lexington Abortion Clinic Closes

A Lexington abortion clinic closed it's doors for good on Friday.

Getting Past a Weight-loss Plateau -Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

Are you stuck at a plateau? Finding it difficult to keep the weight off? David Goldman & Stacey Blake with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics are here to tell you about their medically supervised program to get you back on track with your weight loss goals.

Study: KY Smokers Spend More Than $1M Over a Lifetime

With the societal and economic costs of smoking totaling more than $300 billion a year and rising, the personal-finance website WalletHub released its report on The Real Cost of Smoking by State on Tuesday.

Sculpt the Perfect Legs & Backside from Home – Lydia Sweetser – Proof Fitness

Are you ready to sculpt the perfect beach body? Watch as Lydia Sweetser of Proof Fitness showMeteorologist Eric Burke & Troy Thompson a few moves to get you bikini ready.

Get “Fabulously Fit” for 2017!

Get Fabulously Fit with Ebony "Coach Coop" Cooper and other local personal trainers in Lexington at the 3rd annual Fabulously Fit fitness event in Georgetown this weekend.

#Can’t StopWon’t Stop – Ronda’s Weight Loss Journey – Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

Get ready for another big reveal! it's week two of Ronda Simmons can't stop, won't stop weight loss journey... and you have to see the amazing results for yourself. Plus, schedule your FREE consultation with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics to start your very own weight loss journey.

Chiropractic Help & Sports Performance – Winchester Chiropractic

Dr. Perry Williams of Winchester Chiropractic, a sports chiropractor whose provided care to some of the top athletes in the world stops by Midday Kentucky to educate Troy and Katie on how chiropractic work helps with sports performance.

Trimming Away the Holiday Fat – Anti-Aging Institute

Ready for a simple, painless way to trim away the holiday fat? Dr. Fadi Bacha of the Anti-Aging Institute has a solution for you with the Sculpsure treatment, that will help to zap away the fat without even going under the knife.

Weight Loss Ad Scams – Better Business Bureau

One of the top New Year’s Resolutions people make each year is to lose weight and get into shape. And while many of these ads, promise to burn fat and drop the pounds, beware, many of these ads are fake and could hurt you! Heather Clary from the Better Business Bureau Serving Central & Eastern Kentucky tells Katie Solove & Troy Thompson some signs to look out for and how to avoid getting caught up.

How to Achieve & Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight – Marshall Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. John Mullins stopped by Midday Kentucky and talked with Katie Solove & Troy Thompson about ways to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight for the new year.

Accomplishing Your Fit Goals for the New Year -Proof Fitness

Need help sticking to your weight loss goals for the New Year? Lydia Sweetser, of Proof Fitness sits down with Katie Solove & Troy Thompson to discuss 5 simple ways to accomplish your fitness goals for the New Year.

Staying on Track for the New Year- Dr. James Stillwell

Ready to start off 2017 with a bang?! Well Dr. James Stillwell of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries has some helpful suggestions to make sure your resolutions stick before diving head first into the New Year!

AED’s & Heart Health While Traveling – Dr. Ryan Stanton

Dr. Ryan Stanton of, Stanton MD: Everyday Medicine stopped by with more on why the traveling season could be hazardous time of year for frequent flyers and the signs that you could be in danger.

Doctor Dies in Car Crash in Menifee County

A doctor is dead after a car crash Friday night in Menifee County.

Winter Skin Secrets – Dermatology Consultants & Skin Secrets

Tired of dry skin? Want to know how to keep your skin healthy and glowing during the winter months? Dr. Erika Music of the Dermatology Consultants & Skin Secrets​ stopped by the Midday Kentucky​ set to talk all about Winter Skin Secrets!

Top 5 Common Winter Illnesses – Dr. Ryan Stanton

Our “Doc on Call,” Dr. Ryan Stanton with stops by Midday Kentucky to break down the top 5 common illnesses you should look out for during the winter months.

Georgetown Bariatrics and Advanced Surgical Services

Georgetown Bariatrics & Metabolic Center is on the forefront of providing metabolic surgery for fighting the diseases of type II diabetes and obesity.

“Facelifts” – Commonwealth Plastic Surgery – 12-6

Patients with an aging face, want to look like themselves, just a younger version. One technique to avoid the “pulled too tight” or “what did you have done” result to plastic surgery is to use photographs of the patient when she was younger to understand better how the patient has aged and how Dr. Nimtz can best restore youth to her face.

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Man, woman shot to death in Jackson County

Found in a home in McKee early Saturday morning.

Fayette Democratic legislators want election changes permanent

Lawmakers join poush for early voting measures, other steps.

Berg election results certified, she sworn in as state senator

Berg won special election to Senate seat vacated when Harris retired.

Mom to Mom – Mail-A-Hug

Today on Mom to Mom, Mandy shows us how we can help our kids mail a hug to someone special!