Honey’s Journey: Family gives abandoned dog a home

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ) – Rescuing a stray dog can come with many challenges but in the end, it also can have many rewards, like welcoming a new member into your family.

“She looked so pitiful.”

Berea resident Christy Smith saw a picture on Facebook in July of the sweet dog who she now calls Honey.

“Her skin was swollen, a lot of her hair was missing, she was elderly and I think this was one of the days where the heat index was like one hundred and five and so I told my girls to come on we’re going to find this little dog,” Smith said.

And they did just that. Smith and her family took 10-year-old Honey in and gave her a home filled with love for as long as she has left.
But it has not been an easy journey for them and it’s far from over.

“She had fleas. You could see, I have never seen such big fleas on a dog in my life. They were jumping all over her,” Smith said. “She had a severe staph infection, she was low blood, she was anemic, and I don’t think that she would have made it in the heat with that infection.”

Smith says she created a Facebook page called Honey’s Journey and the support their family has received is overwhelming.

She says tons of packages with supplies have been showing up at their door and now there is a fund set up with the Silvercreek Animal Hospital to help pay for honey’s medical bills.

Smith said once Honey is healthy enough, they will take the rest of the money and donate it to help other animals in need.

Smith says, ” She’s come so far. If you would see her now you would not think it’s the same dog.”

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