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Bevin, Beshear to square off Saturday at Fancy Farm picnic

Kentucky's governor and attorney general have fired insults at each other for years. Soon they'll do it while facing off at the state's premier political event - the Fancy Farm picnic.
Andy Beshear

Bevin to skip Fancy Farm, Beshear will speak

Beshear and Bevin have been at odds since the moment both men took office. Beshear has sued Bevin four times, and Bevin has called Beshear's office "an embarrassment."

Gray, Paul to campaign in Kentucky coal country on Tuesday

Kentucky's U.S. Senate candidates are campaigning in eastern Kentucky as the race picks up steam heading into the annual Fancy Farm picnic.
Scott Jennings

Scott Jennings to emcee political speaking at Fancy Farm

Former White House aide and conservative commentator Scott Jennings will emcee the political speaking event at the Fancy Farm picnic in August.
Fancy Farm Festivalvideo

Politicians Invited To Fancy Farm Picnic

It's almost time for the Fancy Farm Picnic in Western Kentucky. This is the 132nd year for the event, which brings out some of the biggest names in Kentucky Politics.

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